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Advice needed!!!

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muddymary Fri 31-May-13 06:24:34


I'm after advice asap as I have to post an item today and I'm not sure what to do. I sold a brand new phone for over £300 last night. We''re skint and really need the money. When I''ve logged into my PayPal it looks as though the payment's been made but my balance is zero as the payment is pending.

I''ve sold loads of things on eBay in the past (though usually only for small amounts) and I've never had this happen before so I googled it. Apparently PayPal can withhold money until the buyer has left positive feedback and will release the money within 21 days of that.

Is this right? It doesn't seem very fair and what if the buyer doesn't leave positive feedback? We really really need this money so the last thing I want to do is post off this phone and end up with nothing.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


fergoose Fri 31-May-13 07:21:10

you need to check with paypal first, but yes that does happen

Please either send it Special Delivery or courier with adequate insurance - plus note the imei number and security mark it too.

muddymary Fri 31-May-13 08:39:38

Ah thanks very much. I'm just really concerned that I'm going to end up losing a lot of money here - I know that ebay has form for siding with the buyer over disputes.

fergoose Fri 31-May-13 09:01:52

well the only guarantee you have is if they pay cash or bank transfer. Is the buyer verified with paypal, are they a uk address, what is their feedback like, both received and left for others?

Mobile phones are a minefield tbh.

muddymary Fri 31-May-13 09:30:16

Yer I won't be selling another one. I've just spoken to someone at paypal and it seems ok. I think it's just a precaution with it being more than I usually sell anything for.

fergoose Fri 31-May-13 10:19:00

ok - so how are you going to send it, and have you checked out your buyer. Want to PM their username so can have a look?

muddymary Fri 31-May-13 11:03:39

I'm going to send it Royal mail - can't remember the name but the one where you pay £7, someone signs for it and it's insured up to about £500 I think.

I've had a look at the guy and he seems to buy loads of phones and sell them for more, he has got lots of good feedback though.

fergoose Fri 31-May-13 11:55:47

ok - as long as you send adequately insured and make sure you take a photo of the imei number too.

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