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Buyer claims item not received

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Tryharder Sun 02-Jun-13 22:14:50

Ring their local sorting office. Chances are the parcel will be there and the postman will have tried to deliver and forgot or more likely couldnt be arsed to leave a card.

You will have to do a bit of detective work to find out the number for the local office. Best bet is to ask at your own local sorting office. Don't bother ringing their 0845 number, it's crap.

Manda472 Sun 02-Jun-13 12:44:05

Sorry for not coming back sooner. Yes a receipt of postage, something I have always done but recently there's been issues so I've started charging for second class signed for.
I didn't realise that when they ask a question it automatically starts a case. However a pm imo is the best first step, it's what I would do.
How's it going? Have they received their item?

fergoose Thu 30-May-13 15:05:06

if the buyer goes to ask seller a question and asks where the item is a case is automatically opened.

Proof of postage is not sufficient, if they escalate the case you need online proof of delivery. But you can use the proof of postage to claim for the lost item with Royal Mail.

Sheila Thu 30-May-13 15:01:40

Manda by receipt do you mean the proof of postage? I could try that.

My buyer didn't contact me either but went straight to opening a case - bit hasty I thought.

Manda472 Thu 30-May-13 14:56:52

I've had this happen twice lately me too. First person sent me a message and I took a photo of the receipt and sent by day she received the item.....
Last week I got a case opened up against me for the same reason. I was so annoyed because this buyer never bothered to contact me first just went through eBay. I offered her a photo of the receipt and then suggested she try the sorting office and funnily enough there it was. Stupid cow angry didn't even bother to leave feedback angryangryangryangry
I now do everything second class signed for and it costs £3.70.

Sheila Thu 30-May-13 14:49:15

Thanks fergoose - I'm just suspicious because this was an expensive item - over £20 - and had my return address on the package. I've never had anything go missing before.

Now I'll be out of pocket and nothing to sell sad.

I will ALWAYS use signed for post in future, but what a pain!

fergoose Thu 30-May-13 14:41:25

you don't - which is why you need to send with online proof of delivery. Your buyer could be honest - items can and do go missing. You could ask them to wait another week but they may not want to wait any longer.

You will have to refund and claim from RM - and send via signed for with RM or Collect+ or My Hermes. The last 2 are cheaper than RM for an item under 1kg.

Sheila Thu 30-May-13 14:37:22

Ebay nube here - I posted an item two weeks ago (Royal Mail 2nd class, as per listing) and buyer has opened a case saying it's not arrived, and asking for a tracking number.

The thing is, how do I really know it hasn't got there?

It's doubly annoying because I underestimated the postage and ended up paying more than I'd listed.

On the practical side, should I ask her to wait another week to see if it's turned up? There have been a couple of bank holidays in that time.

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