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Stuck with a bin

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Footface Tue 28-May-13 08:20:01

I changed to listing to bin, he bid on it, but its still sitting in selling section rather than sold, did I do it wrong

Footface Tue 28-May-13 08:23:11

Do you have to end item maybe?

fergoose Tue 28-May-13 08:23:43

if the buyer bid on it then presumably that wiped out the buy it now price?

80sbabe Tue 28-May-13 11:17:56

You can have an item listed as both BIN or Auction, but unless you have a reserve of £50 or more then any auction bids will end the buy it now option.
That is why your item is still in your selling section, it remains open to bids from other people.

NatashaBee Tue 28-May-13 11:28:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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