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Has anyone sold old (vintage/antique) collectable type stuff on ebay?

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HopeForTheBest Wed 22-May-13 13:27:39

Would you recommend it? Is there a way of attracting international buyers? Any tips or advice in general?

That's it really! Thanks smile

EatenByZombies Wed 22-May-13 16:53:35

Make sure you label everything clearly so that it can be found in searches. You want as much specific info as possible in the title without adding fluff because you're not advertising something common like a phone case, and collectors/vingate item buyers aren't interested if it's "the best deal around" or "comes with a free cat" they want specifics.

Eg if you have Eddie Stobart miniatures;
Collectible Eddie Stobart Miniature Van 1949 is a much better title than Collectible Eddie Stobart toy car

Same goes with information in the "about" section - write as much as possible, describe any and all faults/damage/repairs needed etc because they want to know what they're getting and the more detailed the about is, the more likely you are to attract a buyer.

You'll want to have as many photos as you can afford on the page. Either uploaded at the top via Ebay, or in the description box after uploading them somewhere like, preferably embedded instead of linked to make it easier for people to browse through. the more photos you have the more proof you have of the condition before shipping, when relating to possible damage in transit.

Make sure you have offered proper, safe delivery with the items, and describe it in the about bit so that buyers are confidant that their item will arrive safely and know how to complain if the item is damaged in transit.

Some people state that people can message them for more information so that the buyer knows you'll reply, some buyers don't and therefore people don't bother asking if they have a question.

Make sure you use paragraphs when describing the item and don't use bright coloured text because if it's a block of neon coloured writing, serious buyers will be put off at the un-serious writing. Red is okay to use when pointing out something v.important.

And again, try to be concise and not waffle something I'm very bad at grin

EatenByZombies Wed 22-May-13 16:55:48

Oh, and I would reccomend it. the only way to attract international buyers is to make sure you offer international postage that's the correct prices and not the most expensive shipping for the sake of it. You can always give international buyers the option of paying for shipping via FedEX or DHL themselves and then giving you the details needed to ship the item so that they can make sure they get the coverage they want, though this might be too much faff for you) smile

HopeForTheBest Wed 22-May-13 21:02:43

Ooooh, thank you, that was really detailed and very useful!

sarahtigh Thu 23-May-13 00:00:47

do not ever ever let anyone book courier themselves as the courier contract is with purchaser of the courier, so if they say it does not arrive you have to refund them and then they claim from courier and you have no money ( this applies in UK too)

international airmail is cheapest upto 2kg then use a courier and make sure you pack well with bubble wrap etc I have ebay business selling collectables mostly ceramics and send approx 1/3 overseas if you pack well china is no more likely to break going to sydney / LA than bristol

offer international postage only send to paypal address

in EU do not make 99p -£5 or even £10 items international signed for as it adds £5.30 to postage, things do not go missing in USA Canada or NZ or australia any more than here so if not signed for in UK do not send signed for in safe places

that said do not send to china, central /south america, eastern europe or near/ middle/far east without signature ( with possible exception of singapore and japan)

do not mark as gifts on customs forms state value as sale price and include that info in your terms

weigh accurately; what does a 8" cube box weigh with bubble wrap and polystyrene beads I work on the fact it adds roughly 250-300g to weight of article etc

include packing slip/ invoice and a return address sticker on outside of box marked very clearly SENDER

people search UK for UK collectables especially

be reliable;p wrap well; do not put address label across joins in boxes as maybe opened by customs

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