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Seller gave wrong dimensions for a buggy

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mackerella Wed 15-May-13 22:14:54

Bought a double buggy on Ebay a couple of days ago, paid by PP and collected in person this evening (seller is local to me).

The buggy is one where the manufacturer changed the design last year to make it more compact. I messaged the seller before bidding to ask specifically about the width - I said that the old model was 77cm wide and the new one is 72cm, and please could she confirm which one she was selling. She wrote back to say the maximum dimensions (from wheel to wheel) were 74cm confused. Like an idiot, I assumed that she'd just overmeasured a bit, so bid on it and won it for just over £100. However, when I got it home, it wouldn't go through our front door (which is 75cm wide), and I've just measured it (from wheel to wheel) as 76.5cm. It's clearly the wider version, and I can't see how anyone could measure it as 74cm wide, let alone 72cm.

Do you think it is worth messaging the seller about this, and potentially opening a dispute if she won't accept the buggy back? If I'd known that it was definitely 77cm wide, I wouldn't have bought it as I know it wouldn't go through our door! There is obviously a record of our messages to each other, and it is clear that I have asked explicitly what the maximum width of the buggy is (although I didn't say about the width of the door).

Sorry this is rather long and tedious, but hopefully someone can advise where I stand on this!

fergoose Wed 15-May-13 22:57:36

yes it is worth messaging. If you want ebay to refund you then you would need to return by trackable means though. Just taking it back yourself won't prove you have returned it, and ebay won't grant you a refund, but the seller might.

lljkk Thu 16-May-13 10:18:54

Sounds like OP paid cash on collection.

DowntonTrout Thu 16-May-13 10:20:44

Op says she paid by Paypal.

bonzo77 Thu 16-May-13 10:28:15

Message the seller. Offer to return it for a cash refund as she's local.

You can also undo a pp payment, so you could do that and return it. If you do it all through eBay channels I think the seller will get her seller fee back, which would be better for her and is no skin off your nose.

Keep all emails.

I find the vast majority of people who use eBay are reasonable about honest mistakes.

fergoose Thu 16-May-13 12:15:28

you can't undo a paypal payment, unless you want to commit fraud and claim not received - which is never, ever advised.

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