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Buyer not happy. What are my options?

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newtonupontheheath Fri 10-May-13 18:56:16

Sold an item on eBay but buyer is now saying its not as described.

In the description, I'd written about a scratch I'd photographed to show the biggest scratch and it seemed clear to me but buyer is saying she was only expecting one scratch and it is "covered" in scratches. It is chrome and has little fleck marks but no other scratches iyswim

Also she says food and drink on it which I'm a bit unsure about as it was a bit dusty (not food but could be seen as food?) plus sent in box that has been stored in the loft so ? Washed with water and packed immediately so may be water marks but it wasn't dirty!

I don't want to get into explaining all of that because it sounds like I'm trying to make excuses, which I'm not, but I'm not sure what to do/say next.

Please help, thank you!

How can I resolve this?

fergoose Fri 10-May-13 18:58:39

well if they have opened a case either you or ebay will need to tell them to return for a refund - nothing else you can do really.

newtonupontheheath Fri 10-May-13 19:08:43

They've just messaged me. No case raised.

Is return postage at their cost?

Dh thinks description is fair (he's only just read it) but I can't be bothered getting into lots of hassle over it as trying to pack for holiday etc and haven't got time. I purposely scheduled this item last week due to holiday and it took her a few days to pay which is why it's only just been received.

I wonder if she just wants some money back from me.

EagleRiderDirk Fri 10-May-13 19:15:26

If this went to an ebay case then they would make you pay back the cost of the item plus the postage that they paid (generally). Return postage would be at their cost. Also, don't refund until you actually have the item in hand (and that its the one you sent - there is some scam with people sending back an identical but more damaged product).

newtonupontheheath Fri 10-May-13 19:20:32

Thanks, I'll make sure I don't.

Gah.... Bit annoyed but hey-ho. It's the first "trouble" I've encountered so far.

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