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posting from Channel Islands?

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NadiaWadia Fri 10-May-13 16:14:55

I am having a slight disagreement with a seller. Item was very late and I gave neutral feedback saying this was probably because item was posted from outside the UK. Their company address is listed as in Jersey. According to google and Wikipedia etc, the Channel Islands, although belonging to Britiain, are not in the UK. And when the parcel did arrive, it had come from Gibraltar, which definately isn't!.

They have replied to the feedback indignantly saying it was sent from the UK. Their trading name is *-UK which I suggested was a bit misleading. As it was something I needed urgently, if I had known it was coming by airmail I might have ordered elsewhere. They have now requested I remove the feedback, and 'in return' they will give me a partial refund. I don't think I should do this, or that they should ask.

Having looked on their own website, I see they say 'items are sent from outside the EU', so what are they on about? Anyone have a take on this?

fergoose Fri 10-May-13 16:47:55

I agree with you - feedback is your opinion of the transaction, and if they were misleading you are entitled to write what you like. i wouldn't let them bully, or buy good feedback - kind of defeats the object of it doesn't it?

Unless you want to change it to a neg which after further hassle from them now must seem tempting!

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