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Ebay novice, not sure what to do about this - any advice please?

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RosinaCopper Thu 02-May-13 08:43:19

I sold a pushchair on ebay, listed as collection only and I also put collect in person only in the description bit. The auction finished on April 29th..

When I went to send an invoice, I saw that the buyer was in Lithuania! I sent her an email to ask if she had bid on it by mistake, seeing as it was collect in person, or was she in the UK to collect it by the weekend. She has replied saying 'I want to buy but not sure how much upload' ??? which my dh thinks means that she wants to know how much to post it, but I thought might mean she didn't know how to use paypal. She hasn't paid for it yet (but then I haven't sent an invoice either as I wanted to check she realised she had to collect it in person). This is her first ebay purchase. I doubt she is going to collect it and I had a buy it now request from someone, for 3 times what it went for. What do I do next?

Do I contact Ebay? Or if it hasn't been paid for in a few days can I just re-list? I wish I'd put UK only, but thought the collect in person was a bit of a giveaway!!

Wossname Thu 02-May-13 08:50:26

Just email her and tell its collection only so you will cancel the transaction as she obviously can't pick it up.

phantomhairpuller Thu 02-May-13 08:50:55

Personally I wouldn't waste my time on it. Message her to say you will not be posting it and if she cannot collect it, it will be relisted. Maybe contact eBay too just to be on safe side (avoiding any negative feedback for yourself)
Then contact person who wanted to buy it now. Or relist.
I'm no expert mind, that's just what I'd do wink

RosinaCopper Thu 02-May-13 10:08:56

Thank you - I contacted ebay and they told me to send an invoice with the postage cost??? I have sent the buyer an email and used google translate to check that she gets the message as it is meant (I checked it back to make sure!) and hopefully we can cancel the sale. If not I might have to send an invoice with postage cost of £100.00 or something daft like that.

fergoose Thu 02-May-13 11:36:22

file a non paying bidder report against her, then close it 4 days later to get your fees back. Add her to blocked bidder list, make sure your account is set to prevent foreign bidders. Then you can either relist or do a second chance offer. You need to file non paying bidder report to get your fees back so do that first.

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