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Listed as Excellent ?? What Would You Expect??

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Rockinhippy Fri 26-Apr-13 16:35:01

I've just recieved a dress I won on EBay, it was listed as Excellent Condition, worn once only - no mention of smoke free home etc, which I now I now realise perhaps I should have looked out for.

It wasn't a real cheapy bargain as I paid over £30 for a Wharehouse dress, but I do really like it & the condition is good, though I wasn't exactly chuffed when I opened the parcel that arrived first thing this morning to get a very strong waft of cigarette smoke smell in my face - I was already feeling a bit fragile & it make me feel really sick envy (apologies to any smokers), on closer examination, i realse it hasnt been washed since it has been worn, armholes smell a bit too & can see a bit of deodorant/ sweat marks - not brilliant, but I do like it, its hassle to return it, so I figured I would keep it, wash it & leave neutral feed back.

I started to get it together to wash it & now notice that the ribbon trim on the side seams is fraying a bit - I know this is going to come away a lot more when its washed so it needs a repair first - I can do this no problem, but not best pleased that I need too - also spotted a few minor snags around the ribbon in other places - again I can repair it, but I feel its not exactly excellent condition, so really not as described. sad

Am I being over picky ?? I sell sometimes & my excellent listings are in perfect clean condition, I would never list an unwashed item at all, even if its just smells rather than stains & any snags etc would be mentioned & I would list as very good, not excellent if okay otherwise.

I am dissappointed & have contacted the seller, though its early to hear back, I want to keep it, so i suppose am hoping for a discount to make up for my having to wash & repair before I can wear it & I just wondered what others would make of getting a dress in this condition

Picky or justified ??

TIA smile

lia66 Fri 26-Apr-13 16:38:58

justified. Yuck

SarcasticMrKnowItAll Fri 26-Apr-13 16:42:18

Totally justified, that's grim. I'd want a very large discount, how much would've you paid for it if you'd known its true condition?

millymae Fri 26-Apr-13 17:13:16

Stained, smelly, frayed and in need of repair is not an item in excellent condition.

You are not being picky.

If you are not happy with the sellers response I'd be inclined to tell her that you will be feeding back negatively along the lines of item described as being in excellent condition yet when received was ........

I know that a lot of people feel that sellers get a rough deal from ebay, but the system works bothways. As a buyer you have to rely on the way items are described when placing a bid and if sellers choose to be econonical with the truth then they shouldn't be surprised if they get negative feedback.

crazydrunkevilhamster Fri 26-Apr-13 17:17:56

I'd see what the seller says & if she is one of those tough luck ones (i have had them severe times) then I would open a case as it was not as described & it wasn't like it cost you a couple of quid

Blowitout Fri 26-Apr-13 17:22:30

If I received a dress in the condition that you describe then I would definitely return it. I wouldn't even wear it if it were free.

fergoose Fri 26-Apr-13 17:33:31

that is foul, plus sellers are meant to send clothes out freshly cleaned aren't they

don't wash it yet - wait and see what they say. if you wash it then you have accepted it.

Excellent should be as new condition I reckon?

Rockinhippy Sat 27-Apr-13 14:35:09

Thanks everyone, that's what I thought, but DH started waffling on about as new or immaculate condition meaning better condition than excellent - apparently it does with his collectors stuff, - apparently they have set rules as to what each catorgary means, so that's why I suddenly wondered if I was been a bit unfair expecting as new condition from an excellent listing - obviously not as you all think the same as me smile

In fairness to the seller, it does look like new when I got it out of the parcel, but the smell was awful, not helped I think by the plastic bag packing & a hot day - I initially thought it had just been hanging up in a smokers house - the side seam flaw could have been there when it was bought, as its barely noticeable until you look closer, but looks like its been either worn or tried on by someone with bigger hips than the dress, which has pulled it - though no excuse for the slight sweaty smell on the underarm or not mentioning the minor snags on the ribbon.

I'm glad to say though that the seller has got back to me & sounds genuinely mortified, (phew) says she always washes everything first & somehow this one has been missed as it looked clean - it does - she was really apologetic & has offered a full refund, including return post, or I keep it & a 50% discount - its silk & its a dress I was after last year but they didn't have my size & I didn't spot it until the end of the season, so I am happy to repair, wash & keep it.

Thanks again for your input smile

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