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Anyone used Hermes? I need a cheap courier

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feeltheforce Wed 24-Apr-13 19:03:36

I am trying to find a good cheap courier for a parcel as I have underquoted postage and on parcelmonkey I am about £5 out of pocket. I see Hermes come up cheaply - has anyone used them? or can recommend another?

LaVitaBellissima Wed 24-Apr-13 19:05:12

I have a few times and had no problems at all

lljkk Wed 24-Apr-13 19:05:37

I have used myHermes, not a lot but fine so far.
Have you looked at Collect plus, too? they have a £4 rate.

queenebay Wed 24-Apr-13 19:06:08

Yes used with no problem. Collect plus is good too but you drop it off

Buttonsbythesea Wed 24-Apr-13 19:11:16

I use Hermes for eBay stuff. I label it at home and drop it off at local shop. Very easy and had great tracking thing online.

fergoose Wed 24-Apr-13 19:13:45

My Hermes is £3.30 for under 1kg and they will pick up too.

Happiestinwellybobs Wed 24-Apr-13 19:14:51

Absolutely no issues with them. The whole process is really easy and parcels have all arrived okay smile

Lifesagame Wed 24-Apr-13 19:15:09

Used quite a lot now for ebay and always been fine. I think they even managed a next day delivery once even though it's supposed to be a 3 day service.

GemmaTeller Wed 24-Apr-13 19:18:35

no problems with myhermes here (yet anyway,only used them 3 times so far).

Book delivery online, print labels, pay by paypal and drop at the shop round corner.

FattyMcChubster Wed 24-Apr-13 19:20:46

I use them and their drop of service as I don't want to wait in for them. No problems yet touch wood.

fergoose Wed 24-Apr-13 19:22:32

My Myhermes bloke told me his amount of parcels has tripled in the last month - lots of folk seem to be using them since royal mail increases - you can leave parcels in safe place for pick up too - especially when you get to know your own courier - I think they are fab tbh, really quick, have had next day delivery too which is great.

Twinklestarstwinklestars Wed 24-Apr-13 19:26:42

Our myhermes lady is great, I don't have to wait in we have a secret place, never had a problem with them.

TidyDancer Wed 24-Apr-13 19:28:49

They are as bad as bad can be tbh. There are a lot of threads about them, I believe many are entitled cunting Hermes, etc.

Wouldn't touch them with a barge pole out of choice.

TSO Wed 24-Apr-13 19:30:46

I had problems with them a few months ago, whereby several breakables arrived damaged despite being well packed. I went back to RM until the recent price increases and then decided to be brave and try again and to be more careful still with my packaging.

I couldn't have packed as well as I thought initially because my recent packages have all arrived safely. I have the same courier collect from home at roughly the same time on each occasion (I presume she fits the job in after the school run) - much easier and cheaper than using the Post Office.

feeltheforce Wed 24-Apr-13 20:47:21

Great thanks for the feedback. I'm a bit concerned because the buyer won't pay for insurance (the item is worth £90) and if it gets broken would I be responsible?

queenebay Wed 24-Apr-13 22:54:14

Check what the insurance is covered because some of them are buggers for paying out. Might be worth taking the hit and insuring for the correct amount just in case. I've used parcel to go and they threw my parcel over someone's fence!

fergoose Wed 24-Apr-13 23:21:00

yes you are responsible if it arrives damaged - so yes, make sure you are fully insured.

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 26-Apr-13 16:06:17

I was just coming on here to ask this same question, I've just paid £6 ish to post something my Hermes quoted me £2.50 for when I got home.

I feel a right mug now.

sarahtigh Fri 26-Apr-13 18:28:55

you have to insure please note if item is actually breakable like ceramic/glass no courier will pay for damage only losing it and you will lose any case if it arrives broken

only special delivery covers ceramics etc and even they do not pay put unless you prove adequately packed just think if you dropped the parcel on a pavement would it survive if not it is inadequately packed

the seller whether private or business is ALWAYS responsible for getting item to buyer intact, whatever their terms say

LovesBeingWokenEveryNight Sat 27-Apr-13 08:42:49

I've just used connectplus for the first time and it was simple and very easy.

lljkk Sat 27-Apr-13 14:02:06

With ceramics I try to pack so that if the item(s) tumbled all the way down my stairs I would still have high hopes of it being intact. Can never be 100% sure without expensive testing!! Especially with large boxfulls, but roll-down-the-stairs / chucked-hard-into-a-bag-across-the-room is my target.

so far, so good. Got a small plate to Australia few months ago, huge box full down to Surrey, etc.

Thomasoscar234 Sat 16-Aug-14 10:14:13

Just used them. Would not use again. They don't give a time slot for collection - between 8am and 8pm. Ridiculous. They won't give you the courier's contact details, and will not contact the courier themselves. Totally unacceptable.

Also I had to cancel a Parcelshop drop off, and nearly two weeks later I have not received a refund. Have lodged a claim with PayPal.

Parcel took 5 working days to get to buyer.

You get what you pay for!!

4littleones Sat 16-Aug-14 10:41:52

I use Myhermes all the time and think it's fab!

shotyourfox Sat 16-Aug-14 11:51:26

I use myhermes for everything. Even parcels to family. Never had an issue smile

nauticant Sat 16-Aug-14 14:43:42

Hermes are OK on the whole but things can go wrong. I'd say about 10-20% of the deliveries of my packages are left outside delivery addresses rather than handed over to occupants.

I'm not using them at the moment because a couple of weeks ago they started ignoring their collection schedule and couriers didn't bother turning up. It's very annoying to wait in all day for no good reason and then having to do their job by making an emergency trip to a Parcel Shop.

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