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Buyer not happy!

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ChillinMarvin Mon 22-Apr-13 19:39:10

I've sold a box set, I'm pretty sure I checked all the discs and everything fine. However buyer says one of the discs is in a state.

I'm 99% sure it wasn't but because I don't want an arguement I just apologised and said I will refund in full once I receive it back. He wants refund of postage- but I'm not happy with that because I'm sure the discs were fine ( checked it whilst kids were running about) and think he's pulling a fast one- maybe replacing his dirty disc or something?

Anyway if I don't agree to paying for postage will Ebay make me?

fergoose Mon 22-Apr-13 19:43:19

no they won't make you pay him return postage costs, but they will give back all of his money including outward postage

tell him to return in condition they were sent, and when you receive them back you will check your security markings and then refund him in full.

If he is trying to switch then this may prevent him trying it on.

Corygal Mon 22-Apr-13 20:08:57

If he is trying it on he won't be the first. This is a well-known fraud - WH Smith now won't take back 'damaged' discs, and neither will Tesco. They just replace the 'damaged' disc. No refunds, ever.

But ebay will make you pay. You'll lose your money and the delivery costs. Let's hope you don't lose your discs too.

ChillinMarvin Tue 23-Apr-13 21:10:42

Argh I'm so annoyed. At least I know this, probably don't bother with selling DVDs then. If I don't reply to his message will Ebay just take it in hand? I replied and said once I receive back I will give a refund. But he wanted confirmation that I will pay his postage- but I don't want to! And now I'm annoyed at this whole thing I don't even want to reply.

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