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Buyer with hidden feedback score.

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DiscoDonkey Wed 10-Apr-13 00:20:32

They are not currently the highest bidder but I didn't even realise people could hide their feedback. I'm not comfortable with it can i remove their bid? (They may be perfectly genuine but tbh I can't be bothered with the potential hassle if they turn out to be a pain in the arse)

I already feel as a seller the cards are stacked against you these days with eBay so although it might be unreasonable I feel a bit picky about my buyers! Maybe they buy a lot of "well worn" items and want to protect themselves but in that case get a separate eBay account for the time you want to buy a doll's house!

fergoose Wed 10-Apr-13 08:06:59

I would just add them to your blocked bidder list, this will cancel the bid too.

DiscoDonkey Wed 10-Apr-13 10:46:17

Thanks fergoose. Have added them to blocked bidder list, their original bid still shows on the listing but I assume that they can make no further bids now?

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