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Seller being dishonest about their location? Should I mark Tomb-Sweeping day on my calendar? And where's my stuff indeed!

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CuttedUpPear Tue 09-Apr-13 08:57:08

I ordered an urgent computer part for DS on April 3rd in the morning. The listing was 'Fast & Free' with a Union flag on the listing so I assume I'm on a good bet to get a delivery in the next few days. On the 5th April they email to say the item has been dispatched (not a quick dispatch at all in my view). Still no item arrived here and DS (SEN) is beside himself with anxiety.

So I opened a case and this is what it looks like so far:

"Dear buyer, Sorry to see that you opened an ebay case ,I understand your mood. But as you know,4th,Apri is Tomb-sweeping Day in China,we have three days holidays from 4th,Apr to 7th,Apr .And we don't not work during that period ,hope you can kindly understand that. Today is 8th,Apr ,we have sent out your item already by UKWH-RM1,normally it takes about 3-7 business days. Would you please close the case ? Hope you can get the parcel asap. Wish you have a nice day. _ Yours Sincerely, Jerry"

No, I do not know that April 4th is 'tomb-sweeping' day in China. In fact I have never heard of 'tomb-sweeping' day. I live in the UK. Your ebay listing implies that you are in the UK. You display a Union flag on the photo of the item and you state that the item is in London. This is utterly dishonest. I am careful not to order urgent items from China and also check the listing for foreign origins. I require a full refund now and that you change all your future listings to make it clear where you are posting from.

'Dear friend, I'm sorry maybe you got misunderstanding. I mean we are Chinese ebay Seller,but we have warehouse is in UK,so we ship items from UK,you can check on line about that holiday,hope you can kindly understand that.We have sent your item via Royal Mail 1st Class,would you please kindly wait 3-7 days?

Am I being unreasonable (wrong category I know) to expect a UK listed seller to post on a UK working day?

fergoose Tue 09-Apr-13 09:00:11

I would escalate your case and not communicate any more. And whatever you do don't close the case. And make sure you leave appropriate feedback and stars. You would have hoped they would post same or next day and they haven't done what was stated in the listing.

sarahtigh Tue 09-Apr-13 10:05:35

I did not think you could open a not received case until the day after the last day for estimated delivery

so if delivery is 8-10th april you can not open case until 11th

check listing for dispatch times and estimated delivery, of course anyone in UK can take holidays anytime they want but there should be a note as there often is saying seller is away until 7th april all orders will be dispatched after then etc

sarahtigh Tue 09-Apr-13 10:06:09

also do not close case until item arrived as once closed you can not then re open or start new case

CuttedUpPear Tue 09-Apr-13 12:58:37

Item has just arrived!

I do think that sellers who will be observing overseas holiday customs should include this in their listing, as do UK sellers around xmas time and on UK bank holidays.

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