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Winner bidder has not contacted me - what should I do now?

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PlentyOfFreeTime Mon 08-Apr-13 18:42:54

The Ebay auction on the bike I was selling finished at 4pm yesterday. I put Collection Only in the auction advert and made it clear it would have to be collected.

I sent the winning bidder an invoice but they still haven't paid. I emailed them today to ask when they intended to pay for the bike and when they wanted to collect it?

Have had no response at all.

The buyer's address is 140 miles from my own so I think they've bid on it without realising they will have to come and pick it up.

How long do I leave it before contacting Ebay to say the buyer is ignoring me?

I've never had this situation before.

Thank you.

PlentyOfFreeTime Sun 28-Apr-13 13:10:57

No reply from the new bidder - so becoming very suspicious that it will be a non-payment repeat of the last auction.

Why do some people bugger about?

So, it has had 940 views, has 75 watchers but only one bid.

Auction finishes at tea-time. Should be interesting.

sarahtigh Sun 28-Apr-13 17:30:08

this time email immediately auction finishes and say "congratulations please could you contact me within next 48 hours, this is collection only for cash it must be collected on or before next Sunday, ( then add a few suitable times)

I would suggest you send your mobile phone number

PlentyOfFreeTime Mon 29-Apr-13 13:11:42

So, after 1083 viewers and 77 watchers the item was fought over by 2 new bidders - so the first bidder I was suspicious about didn't win the item - good!

Thanks Sarah - I took your advice and sent the email to the new winning bidder who lives 30 miles away. Incredibly, the bidder contacted me this morning and the message just said "Hi". No suggested date/time to pick the bike up - just "Hi"

I think I'm going mad!

Good news is that it sold for £32 more in the 2nd auction.

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