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Best way of selling baby/toddler clothes? Advice on couriers too please!

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Oodsigma Sun 24-Mar-13 19:21:54

Thinking of using a courier after previous experiebce selling clothes for 99p and postage being expensive. Is this traceable? Who is any good/cheap?

I was planning to sell in bundles ( mainly) , any tips for maximising bids?

Also have some maternity bits, sell in a bundle or individually?

fergoose Sun 24-Mar-13 19:25:01

collect plus or my hermes are the best I have found

don't list starting at 99p, named stuff is really only worth selling, cheaper brands really won't fetch much. Wait for free listing weekends too.

Oodsigma Sun 24-Mar-13 20:01:28

Thanks, had something via myhermes the other day that's what made me wonder about couriers.

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