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help - someone has opened a case against me.

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SamsGoldilocks Sat 23-Mar-13 07:04:39

I don't accept returns, but this buyer has bought an infants tshirt which they claim is damaged and they want to return it.
I don't agree that it is damaged ( haven't asked them what they think is the problem either). And I've agreed that they can send it back but now they are saying if they send it back they will be out of pocket due to return postage.

What is the best way forward with this, do you think?

exoticfruits Sat 23-Mar-13 07:07:19

Ask them how it is damaged. I would probably just do it for a small item and keep my reputation.

MrsCampbellBlack Sat 23-Mar-13 07:11:00

How much did it sell for? I'd be tempted to just refund them in full and tell them not to bother returning it if the value is low.

I had someone do this last week with a top they paid £1.40 for - it was brand new and never worn and they were clearly trying it on but I just thought it easier to refund them so as to avoid negative feedback.

But I am a total amateur ebayer so will watch with interest what the expert say and probably kick myself for being such a walkover.

SamsGoldilocks Sat 23-Mar-13 07:14:24

It only sold for 1.50 so it's not a lot but I don't have a problem refunding them, just seems unfair they get the t-shirt too. I certainly don't want to pay for them to return it.

exoticfruits Sat 23-Mar-13 07:14:40

I don't think it is being a walkover, it simply isn't worth the hassle for a small item.

exoticfruits Sat 23-Mar-13 07:16:01

Have looked at their feedback and what they generally write as feedback?

SamsGoldilocks Sat 23-Mar-13 07:21:03

No I haven't.

So best plan is just to say - keep the tshirt and I'll refund.

neontetra Sat 23-Mar-13 07:29:26

Ask them to send you a pic of the damage? Or just refund. Condition of used clothes is so subjective, I've found.

SamsGoldilocks Sat 23-Mar-13 07:30:58

Have just looked at their feedback - all good 100% positive but mainly its them selling.

exoticfruits Sat 23-Mar-13 07:38:36

I would just refund- something £1.50 just isn't worth the fight.

SamsGoldilocks Sat 23-Mar-13 07:50:07

Ok, thanks for your help, exotic.

exoticfruits Sat 23-Mar-13 08:28:04

It isn't a lot of help! I just have 100% reputation and I wouldn't spoil it for a difficult buyer and £1.50.

fergoose Sat 23-Mar-13 11:30:04

you can't refuse a return but I would ask for the item back before refunding - otherwise buyer just gets free goods.

LittleFrieda Sat 23-Mar-13 11:34:01

Ask them to cut off the left sleeve and send a photograph of it. Then refund. grin

CandyCrushed Sat 23-Mar-13 11:37:43

I would do what littleFrieda suggests.

fergoose Sat 23-Mar-13 11:45:22

that is a good idea smile I bet they don't do it

queenofthepirates Sun 24-Mar-13 13:19:21

If they sell regularly and you are convinced they are trying it on, I'd suggest buying something and turning the tables on them.

Harsh but some folks out there seem to be on the make.

RandallPinkFloyd Sun 24-Mar-13 13:24:52

If they raise a case eBay may well force you to refund but you are under no obligation to refund return postage.

(I found this out when a seller sold me a piece of crap angry )

Up to you obviously but you don't actually have to refund the postage. If you know for an absolute fact that theyre trying it on I'd stick to my guns personally. If they're going to neg you they'll do it anyway.

One neg won't matter in the slightest as long as you respond to it well.

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