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Cancelling a sale, any advice on this?

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redsplodge Fri 22-Mar-13 16:58:06

I would appreciate some advice from the experienced ebayers on here about my situation.

Last weekend I took advantage of the free listing weekend to list two items. They are two pieces of furniture, identical except for their condition. I listed them separately as I didn't want to put off buyers who only wanted to buy one. The auction ends this Sunday.

As of today the same 2 bidders have bid on each of the items.

One of them has contacted me to ask if I will do a Buy it Now price for both of them. I replied to say no, I'd prefer to see how much they sell for at auction. (As well as wishing to avoid listing fees, these items were quite expensive when new and I would have no idea what price to set for them now. Also, in my limited experience, buyers generally ask for BIN prices on items they think will rise in price in the hope of getting a real bargain so it usually pays to leave the auction running - I hope I haven't jinxed the sale by writing that!)

Bidder has responded to say they 'understand my point, but would not be interested in only winning one item'. Given the items concerned, this is reasonable. Or it could be a line.

Would I be a fool to reply saying that if they did only win one of the auctions that I would be happy to cancel the sale? Would this break any ebay rules or open me up to any scams?

Also, would I be obliged to offer the item to the next highest bidder, or could I re-list?

Many thanks if you have read all of this dull question!

fergoose Fri 22-Mar-13 18:50:37

I would add them to your blocked bidder list so they can't bid at all in that case - if they win, they pay and collect - they aren't meant to win an item then change their mind. You don't need to reply to them at all.

And make sure if collected you take cash only btw.

redsplodge Fri 22-Mar-13 21:15:51

Ok thanks, I won't reply.

Thank you also for the reminder about cash on collection, I'm not that experienced on ebay so all advice is gratefully received!

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