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Can you make a 'draft' listing?

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FattyMcChubster Fri 22-Mar-13 12:32:39

Just that really. Got quite a bit to list and can't do it on Sunday (when I want to list) is there any way of making a draft? I've got the app if that makes any difference although I could go on the laptop.

FattyMcChubster Fri 22-Mar-13 12:33:17


sixlostmonkeys Fri 22-Mar-13 13:26:46

Create your listings and schedule them for a much later date. When you want them to go live eg Sunday 8pm, manually edit each scheduled listing (on sunday at 8) and change to list 'now' - there will be no schedule fees this way.

flossy101 Fri 22-Mar-13 13:28:28

I use the ap to, under the "sell" tab there is an option to create up to ten drafts for listing later. Not sure how you do more than ten at a time.

FattyMcChubster Fri 22-Mar-13 15:15:28

Brilliant. Thanks very much

sarahtigh Sat 23-Mar-13 11:24:08

you can only have 10 templates but upto 100-200 scheduled listings

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