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Arghhh I 'sold' my 2 items to a bidder with 0% feedback

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PoppyWearer Fri 08-Mar-13 21:49:59

True, but it just seemed a bit...dodgy.

He now has one piece of feedback (positive), from me.

sarahtigh Fri 08-Mar-13 20:15:40

his paypal address may be miles away but for instance he could have been visiting family or friends that live nearby etc he was not necessarily driving from home

CuriousMama Wed 06-Mar-13 23:01:56

How bizarre coming all that way, you must do great deals.

This puts almost £30 in the holiday kitty smile The coats were worth more though, one was leather, but they were just sitting here not getting worn.

PoppyWearer Wed 06-Mar-13 22:57:13


I had a 0-feedback newbie buy an iPhone off me recently - he wanted it same day, collected (although his address was a long way away) and paid cash. No small talk, no details on why he wanted the phone.

All seemed very suspicious but I made sure he came when DH was home and he dealt with it. I suppose as long as we got the money, no problem, but I do wonder...

I sold another iPhone the same day to a very experienced bidder with lots of great feedback, his phone was broken and he told me he was desperate for a replacement, paid for special delivery, paid through PayPal, I had his address. Amazing how two similar items can attract such polar opposite buyers!

CuriousMama Wed 06-Mar-13 22:47:41

Yay he's paid smile

CuriousMama Wed 06-Mar-13 18:09:18

I sent an invoice and also knocked off a fair bit for postage as I'd send them together.

LemonBreeland Wed 06-Mar-13 12:22:17

Yes, do make sure you send an invoice. I had an item finish at the weekend and the buyer didn't pay until I invoiced 3 days later.

lljkk Wed 06-Mar-13 12:13:20

Lots of people won't pay until you send an invoice.

I suppose everyone has to start somewhere - either with a first sale or a first purchase - and in my experience of ebay, most people are pretty decent and honest. I know that, when I was new to ebay, I sometimes forgot to check My Ebay and my emails and didn't realise I had bought something, or took longer than I should have done to pay, because I was a bit disorganised, and hadn't got into the swing of things properly. Plus I didn't have a Paypal account, so I was having to send cheques, which was a faff, and gave me far too many opportunities for inefficiency and forgetfulness. But the sellers I was dealing with were very understanding, and I have now built up excellent feedback as a seller and a buyer.

Hopefully your buyer is like I was - new to ebay and a bit disorganised.

sarahtigh Wed 06-Mar-13 09:51:15

if no reply do as fergoose suggests

sarahtigh Wed 06-Mar-13 09:47:50

send them an invoice if a newbie they may be waiting for invoice everyone has 0% feedback to start with does not mean they are a bad person just new to ebay,

fergoose Wed 06-Mar-13 07:48:52

if it is 4 days since they ended just open non paying bidder cases for the items

then close in 4 days, block buyer & relist.

CuriousMama Wed 06-Mar-13 01:44:01

Thanks gives me some hope smile

Glad it worked out for you OvO.

Cosmostocupcakes Wed 06-Mar-13 01:42:13

I have 0% feedback - but I only buy/sell once a year or so! wink

OvO Wed 06-Mar-13 01:38:05

My DH once sold an item for over £100 to a 0% bidder. They also took a few days to pay.

They did pay and it all went fine.

Though I nearly skinned my DH alive as he posted the item normal post instead of recorded delivery! Could have gone very wrong but 'twas fine.

CuriousMama Wed 06-Mar-13 01:07:41

Only a few days I hope it is? I just got worried when I saw no feedback and then they've taken longer to pay than anyone else I've sold to.

How long is it since the listing finished? Could it be a real newbie who just hasn't paid as quickly as they should?

CuriousMama Tue 05-Mar-13 23:26:05

Looks like I'm not getting paid?

I sold 2 coats to one person who granted was the only bidder.

I just hate it that people can do this? Join ebay just to take the piss.

I wish I hadn't bothered listing them now but you live and learn. Is there a way to block people with 0% bidding even?

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