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Bit ???? about this buyer - very complicated

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MrsJK Mon 04-Mar-13 21:14:43

Any update? Nosey moi?! wink

giveitago Sun 03-Mar-13 19:20:30

Thanks for the great advice.

Of course, if it is the parcel I don't want her to be out of pocket and I'll pay and then take it up with royal mail.

But she needs to pick it up first. I'm sure it's a) either a scam or b) royal mail charged and didn't put on the sticker properly in which case I'll be claiming as I have my proof of postage.

Poor both of us at this stage, but I really don't need this!

OK - just about to email the buyer now.

lljkk Sun 03-Mar-13 17:58:27

happened to me once, post label came off. I'm wary of posting in plastic bags, now, try to make sure the postage label goes on something paper/cardboard instead.

giveitago Sun 03-Mar-13 15:52:15

Oh gawd - now looking after some friend's kids.

I'm annoyed as I post everything from post office - they weigh it and charge me accordingly. I'm very annoyed to be out of pocket if it's something the post office has messed up with!

So I'll send the email and if it is the package (it would be about £3.20 if the sticker had come off and they charge £1 extra) but that's down to the post office I used in russell square and I'll take it up with them.

Just a bit suspicious that she was in touch via email yesterday and didn't mention but now emails today (sunday) about this letter!

sarahtigh Sun 03-Mar-13 15:48:55

if it is genuine she will be able to send photo of sticker you can send photo of prof of postage

if not genuine you will not hear if she starts a not received case you will have to refund

if she does not go and pay postage within 21 days item will be returned to you, if your address is on package

cumfy Sun 03-Mar-13 15:44:30

Sounds like a scam.

Show RM+her the proof of postage.

sarahtigh Sun 03-Mar-13 15:40:03

a dress is likely to be £3.20 if the stamps have fallen off; that is £2.20 for 2nd class parcel upto 750g (OP states it costs 2.20 to post) and the royal mail surcharge of £1 for incorrect postage

NorbertDentressangle Sun 03-Mar-13 15:34:54

Its highly unlikely to be the dress you've posted thats incurred that extra cost especially as you say its only a lightweight one.

I've just posted a winter jacket that only just fell into the £5.30 Standard Parcels bracket.

sarahtigh Sun 03-Mar-13 15:34:13

it is probably that the stamps have come off there is a £1 excess because of this hence £3.20 that bit is fine

your actions

1. ask her to collect parcel and take photograph of letter and the not enough postage sticker on the outside of the package and email them to you,
4.once you have received you will send her the £3.20 if indeed it is your package

if it is your package you really should pay £3.20 as whether you are business or private seller it is your job to get item there and she is right she should not be £3.20 out of pocket( send £3.20 to her paypal you really should send £3.40 as they will deduct 20p for her receiving money)

word email


thanks for letting me know about the letter regarding the packet, hopefully it is the missing dress, please send me a photo of the card asking for payment and the package and then I will forward the £3.20 to your paypal account, I am sure you understand that we can not be sure this is my parcel but I will pay you the postage and the excess charge once I have received the photos, sorry it seems Royal Mail has let us both down"

regards giveitago"

RobotHamster Sun 03-Mar-13 15:26:49

Well obviously you can't send her anything until you're sure its the parcel from you, so I'd ask her to collect it first off.

When you posted it, did you do it from the post office? It sounds like its been posted large letter but should have gone as a parcel, so there may well be the extra postage cost and Royal Mail add on a service charge of about a pound as well.

giveitago Sun 03-Mar-13 15:21:32

OK, So sell something on 20 Feb. Buyer pays immediately and I post on 21 Feb (second class, as clearly stated in listing). Nice designer dress she got a great price.

Friday 1 March she emails saying not received. I email back yesterday 2 March to say if not received by Monday 4 March I'll refund and put claim through royal mail (I have proof of sending).

TODAY - Sunday 3 she emails me saying she has letter from royal mail saying they have a package they can't deliver as not enough postage was paid. She's saying it's probably from me and can I pay the excess of £3.20 so she can get it.

I'm a bit WHAT? It's a very thin dress and cost me £2.20 second class. How can it be £5.40 in total.

What do i do. I don't want to pay her to pick up a package that MIGHT me from me when I posted at a post office and they weighed the item etc.

Should I be worried that this is scam or cacn royal mail really mess up and this is genuinely complicated situation.

Why suspicious is that it's a high value item (but she got it for a son) and I had one other non received item and the buyer was adamant that I send her the proof of postage so she could claim. I was hounded and it transpired she had received the item.

How do I approach this?

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