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I am new to this whole Ebay/Paypal malarky and mighty confused please can someone help me?

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Fimbo Tue 19-Feb-13 17:03:14

I very very wary of paypal as I once had an account which was linked to my credit card and paypal gaily debited my card with £750 for some minging vase I hadn't even look at let alone bid on. It was a round about process and involved me phoning Luxembourg to paypal h.q. on a premium number, but eventually the money came back. But if it had been my bank account number linked it could have caused dh and I some severe financial difficulty.

Anyway I ramble.

I have now set up paypal using my daughter's card as I didn't actually want to transfer money from sales anywhere, just use whatever I sold to then buy on Ebay or facebook groups that I use. Everything was going swimmingly and then I tried to sell something the other night and it told me I had to have my paypal account linked to Ebay which it is. On closer examination of this I find what they want is for me to give them bank details to become "verified", so I tapped in my daughter's account details again, remembering to use her name on the form, and then it wants me to fill in some direct debit mandate for them to debit the account. Now this is the bit I don't understand, why do they want to direct debit me and what the fresh hell is this "verify" thing. They also hold on to money from every transaction I do for 21 days as they say I am a new user, I guess that is in case of dispute, but for every single transaction is a pain in the butt. I currently have over £40 but can only use £5 odds of it because the rest is in "pending".


Vajazzler Tue 19-Feb-13 17:52:02

The verify thing is you tell them your account details, they pay into your account 2 x very small amounts and then tell them the amounts to confirm its your account. I did it and it was no problem.

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