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Item hasnt arrived. seller ignoring me.

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Schnapple Fri 15-Feb-13 22:30:10

I won an item on 26th of Jan. estimated delivery was 3rd- 7th of feb but also noticed that somewhere else it said 8-10 working days for delievery.

I sent her a breif message after I won it and she said she would post it the next day. I messaged her on the 5th to enquire if she she had posted it as dd was pestering me for it, I got no response. I messaged again earlier but as yet havent had a response.

What do I do next?

This was the first thing I had bought on ebay. I have bought quite a few things since but everything has arrived in very good time. The seller has very good feedback, and no negative comments. I just can not understand why she is ignoring my messages and why the item hasnt arrived.
She has sold items since and has had feedback for them but has no current items atm. Am baffled.

Snowgirl1 Fri 15-Feb-13 22:42:24

The same happened to me with the first item I bought from eBay. It has never happened since, so hopefully won't happen to you again either.

Go to 'customer support' on eBay and open a case re. item not received. The seller will have 8 days to resolve the matter and, if they don't, you can ask eBay to make a decision. If they decide in your favour, they can refund you for the full amount, plus postage - I got my money refunded in full.

It may be that she's posted it and thinks you must have received it by now - so you may want to email the seller to let them know that if she has posted it, you haven't received it yet and if you don't hear from her you'll have no alternative but to open a case about item not received.

Good luck - hope you get your item.

Schnapple Fri 15-Feb-13 22:46:54

I have sent her 2 messages, one on the 5th and another earlier today but as yet have heard nothing back from her.

Im going to pop up to the sorting office tomorrow and see if its sitting up there waiting for me on the shelf. if its not I guess I will have to open a dispute.

Im mostly annoyed for dd. She has been having a tough time of things lately and this was a gift for her. I have also bought acceseries to go with it since and they are a bit useless untill this item comes.

CocktailQueen Sat 16-Feb-13 22:13:12

Yep, open a dispute ASAP.

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