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Why does this dress have "Emo" in the title?

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breatheslowly Mon 11-Feb-13 21:14:19

I am thinking about getting DD a dress a bit like this one. But am I missing something in terms of a cultural reference as it says "Emo" in the title and DD is rather little to be part of the Emo subculture?

frazzledbutcalm Mon 11-Feb-13 22:53:44

I like the dress.. completely don't know what 'emo' is blush

Teahouse Mon 11-Feb-13 22:54:57

It isn't EMO at all - ignore that bit. Cute dress

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme Mon 11-Feb-13 23:06:51

Nice dress but can't see why it's Emo.

Emo is the new Goth, or very new New Romantic if you're my age!

frazzledbutcalm Mon 11-Feb-13 23:09:11

Oh... can't see what's goth about this dress??

BrittaPerry Mon 11-Feb-13 23:10:15

I suppose it is a bit black...

My DDs have some proper goth/emo/alternative clothes - I have to buy them from special websites grin

noisytoys Mon 11-Feb-13 23:12:43

It has emo in the title because emo is a common searchword on eBay so it will show up on more people's search results

fergoose Mon 11-Feb-13 23:45:40

keyword spamming in short

LittlePushka Mon 11-Feb-13 23:49:22

But what does it mean?

LittlePushka Mon 11-Feb-13 23:51:28

And what is the sub-culture all about?

Startail Tue 12-Feb-13 00:25:29

In the new St Trinian's films they are sort of Goths.

Google gives a bewildering array of waffle confused, it's too late for teen subculture .

BrittaPerry Tue 12-Feb-13 00:30:15

Basically goths, but more skatery and more poppy.

Is also one of those cultures where you should never admit you are one. Like with goths, the main symptom of being one is insisting that you aren't grin

BrittaPerry Tue 12-Feb-13 00:31:59

Converse, black skinny trousers, dark skinny top, those sweatbands on wrists, skatery backpack, piercings, eyeliner, fringe over face.

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme Tue 12-Feb-13 00:36:40

Isn't it short for emotional or emotive or something?


diamondee Tue 12-Feb-13 00:42:42

Isn't it the panda print that's being referred to as emo? Makes me think of the hoodies with ears

dotnet Tue 12-Feb-13 16:51:04

My dd told me a few years ago that Emo means 'emotional Goth'! Very odd subgroup! I think really the only emo-Goth thing about the dress is the black satin bow, and yes, I think 'emo' was in the title just to pull in more punters.

breatheslowly Tue 12-Feb-13 18:40:28

Excellent, I can get the dress then.

LittlePushka Tue 12-Feb-13 20:28:11

BrittaPerry, that is hilarious....grinmethinks you know WAY too much about this! wink. Should anybody want to know about New Romantic sub culture or circa 1981, let me know.

And yes, get the dress - it is fab, though if at any point she starts putting eyeshadow on her cheek, do let me know and I will give appropriate fashion advice at that point !

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