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condition of clothing being sold on Ebay

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bugslife Mon 11-Feb-13 15:45:22

I only sell clothes that have had a few wears at most and I have decided to sell the item because it does not really fit/ does not go with other stuff/ gone off it but the item is in very good condition and 'nearly new\.

Recently though, I have bought a couple of things which are clearly well worn and not really fit for re-selling, in my opinion and the description does not mention this. eg bobbly jumpers or faded tops. On this last occasion, cardigan was bobbly. Seller offered refund on return of item but I'd have spent much more on postage then the item was worth.

What do others think?

PostBellumBugsy Mon 11-Feb-13 15:51:10

I'm very wary of second hand clothing that isn't well described & if I am really interested in something, then I'll ask questions about it.

I think it is definitely a case of buyer beware!

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