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No funds in Paypal.

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lollilou Tue 05-Feb-13 07:56:27

Hi I have just sold an item but the buyer has messaged me a few times, first time to tell me he may have put the wrong details in to Paypal so would I check my account, no money, then we've gone back and forth stil no funds. He is now saying that the funds have gone through but are unclaimed on my side. There is nothing in my account just checked again this morning. What should I do? The really annoying thing is I sold this item before but the buyer didn't pay, arrgh!

fergoose Tue 05-Feb-13 09:05:33

ok - the buyer needs to log into paypal itself, click on the payment they made and copy and paste the email address the payment was made to

There probably is a typo in the email address on the listing. Buyer can cancel the wrong payment and send the money direct to your correct email address

lollilou Tue 05-Feb-13 12:33:57

Thank you so much. Your advise was spot

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