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Seller wants more postage

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Huffpot Fri 01-Feb-13 11:43:36

My DP has bought a job lot of glue from Ebay. Postage listed was £7.
Sellerr has contacted him saying he underestimated postage and it will cost another £12 to send.
The seller said if DP doesn't pay the postage he will cancel transaction and relist item with higher postage.

My understanding was that the postage listed is what you pay and if, as a seller, you get it wrong you have to accept it and price it correctly the next time.

How should we respond?

TheMightyLois Fri 01-Feb-13 11:46:01

Wow, how much glue did he buy grin

How is he sending it? If he's sending via Royal Mail I would suggest using one of the courier sites to send it. or similar.

You don't have to pay the increased postage, it's his fault for not pricing it up properly.

MisselthwaiteManor Fri 01-Feb-13 11:52:50

Don't pay it, but unfortunately you can't force him to send it. I would take the refund and go elsewhere, you can report this to eBay as well in case he does it again to someone else.

NotADragonOfSoup Fri 01-Feb-13 12:05:18

I don't think the seller can cancel the transaction without the consent of the buyer cant they? Not that it makes a whole lot of difference. The only thing your DP can do is leave negative feedback.

fergoose Fri 01-Feb-13 12:15:15

yep leave negative, report to ebay as a non performing seller and refuse their request to cancel the transaction

lljkk Fri 01-Feb-13 18:43:52

I think there should be more sympathy for sellers getting postage wrong, but £12 more is A LOT.

I would gently suggest a courier.
How heavy will the glue be, what was sale price?

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