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Item never arrived.

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thefirstmrsrochester Thu 31-Jan-13 18:59:58

Won an item and inclusive of postage paid just under £70. Seller sent 2nd class recorded 20 days ago and it's still showing on Royal Mail tracker as being processed. Having not had an item go missing before I don't know the next steps to take. I don't want to open a case as its not the sellers fault Royal Mail lost the parcel. However, I'm £70 down the drain and I think Royal Mail only compensate to £42.
I've seen many sellers state that they will take no responsiblity for goods not arriving once sent recorded. Not my seller though.
Do I have to take the hit and claim from Royal Mail (the process looks protracted when they are clearly the ones who mucked up)?
Seems unfair to both me & the seller - one of us will be out of pocket.
Any advice is very much welcomed.

lljkk Thu 31-Jan-13 19:13:31

YOU do not claim. Seller is responsible for delivery & claiming from RM. They are out of pocket £28 if they didn't fully insure.

Bummer for them, not your problem.

It's up to you how nice you want to be, but I think after nearly 3 weeks I would not hesitate to insist on a full refund.

millymae Thu 31-Jan-13 19:18:24

Have you contacted the seller? I think that would be my first step. It's neither your fault or his that the item has gone missing. He can't not believe that you've not received it as it's still showing as being processed, and you can see that it was posted as it's got a tracking number, so neither of you are at fault. Off hand I can't remember what the Post Office rules are about putting in a claim but what I do know is that I have had at least one item that has arrived bang on deadline day or a day or so after.

Just a thought - is it too big to fit through your letter box, or is it something that required a signature. Postmen have been known to forget to put a card through the door meaning that the item goes back to the sorting office never to be collected because you don't know it's there. It may be that a failure to deliver should show on the tracking record, but even if this is the case, if you haven't already done so I might be inclined to check with your local sorting office just to make sure that it's not there.

ihearsounds Thu 31-Jan-13 19:22:58

Check with your local office, I have loads of stuff that show as processing and in reality postie hasnt carded me, and goods sitting gathering dust in the office. Also check with your neighbours, again not carded and showing processed and stuff sitting with neighbours.
Then if nothing contact the seller so they can find out from their end what is happening. Could be still sitting in their post office becuase of whatever reasons, yes had this one as well lol.

thefirstmrsrochester Thu 31-Jan-13 19:30:20

Thanks for your advice ladies.
I emailed seller a week ago to say it had not arrived and asked for the tracking number. Thought due to the snow there would be delays so was prepared to leave it to wait and see. I honestly think its lost - have had 2nd class recorded deliveries purchased after this item and they turned up within 5 days.
I will email the seller tonigh to advise its still not arrived and go from there.
I don't want to open a case and affect the sellers ratings just because the Royal Mail have arsed up.
Gutted tho as I had been hunting for months on eBay for this particular item. Sod's law eh?

fergoose Thu 31-Jan-13 19:33:01

I would just open a not received case - it doesn't have to affect their ratings. they were silly to send an item for that value without adequate insurance.

They haven't relisted it have they - wanting more money?

thefirstmrsrochester Thu 31-Jan-13 19:35:36

Nothing left with the neighbours. If they take anything in, they curtain watch till
I get home and bring round the mail. I will call the sorting office tomorrow and see if they have my parcel.
I so hope they do.

thefirstmrsrochester Thu 31-Jan-13 19:36:33

No, not relisted it. I checked today. Seller has excellent feedback.

lljkk Thu 31-Jan-13 20:03:09

Opening a case does not damage ratings. If seller refunds you and you leave positive feedback (they deserve it for resolving to your satisfaction) then you don't damage their reputation. Nothing to feel guilty about.

Funny, I'm usually in the "Be more laid back & patient" camp. But 20 days is long enough. Worth a phone call to sorting office, and chatting with seller about what to do next. Don't leave it too long, though.

sarahtigh Sat 02-Feb-13 21:01:24

trackd mail is considered lost after 15 working days ( ie 3 real weeks) so now is the time for seller to claim from Royal mail and refund you

for information the seller might have sold it for £70 but it may not have cost him £70, if you are a business seller you can only claim the cost of item not what you sell for so if you buy things at £35 and sell for £55 if lost in post you can only claim £35 not the £55 selling price so in that case the £47 limit may have been fine for seller

as LLJKK says only unresolved cases damage ratings opening a case does not harm seller, however if you ask he may refund without you opening case once he has refunded he will ask you to agree cancellation and you should do that

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