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Help - got myself in a pickle with buyer...

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greedygoose Tue 29-Jan-13 22:17:46

Ok....sold something, send it second class not recorded, given proof of posting. Item does not turn up apparently although we have had bad weather and post office say they allow up to 2 weeks (not 2 weeks yet).

So I agree to refund buyer full amount. Ask them for email (did not realise you can issue a refund through ebay) they give me email I refund through paypal. They say they have not got refund yet, money gone from my account so I know they do have it? I also have an email then to say they do have the money.

Suddenly they then open a case against me and I am worried that I issued money to them via email not through ebay.

Saying they now do not have money again, maybe thinking they will get another lot of money off me?

I feel like I am being bullied and it is horrible.

Any advice gratefully received. Do I just follow the case through and hope ebay back me?

fergoose Tue 29-Jan-13 22:20:40

ok - the first amount you sent as a payment and not as a refund. For that amount go to paypal and log in and file a not received case to get your money refunded back.

the second amount - did you actually click on their payment itself and scroll down and hit refund, as if you have done it that way it is correct and the money will have been refunded correctly

Halfcups Tue 29-Jan-13 22:21:49

Similar thing happened to me. I called eBay and they helped me resolve the issue. God luck x

fergoose Tue 29-Jan-13 22:22:15

actually ignore me, you haven't done a second refund yet you just have a case opened against you. If you log into the case itself you are given the option to refund - you will need to refund the buyer from there. but the first amount then you just sent as a payment you are going to have to claim that back from the buyer as a not received dispute, otherwise they will have received a double refund from you.

Halfcups Tue 29-Jan-13 22:22:18

That should read as Good luck!

greedygoose Tue 29-Jan-13 22:29:00

So goose - I just refund again through the case then do a case myself as a not received dispute....?

greedygoose Tue 29-Jan-13 22:29:22


fergoose Tue 29-Jan-13 22:37:56

yes you do - but you will need credit in your paypal account to be able to refund their money

and make sure you do claim for the lost item with Royal Mail

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