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Can somebody please answer a couple of newbie questions

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lljkk Sun 27-Jan-13 13:15:24

Few tips:

look out for free listing weekends, when listing fees are £0 for ordinary auctions. Try to avoid paying listing fees if at all possible. Today happens to be free listing!

Ebay takes 10% of sale price, plus 3.4% of sale+postage price if you are paid by Paypal. + 20p as set Paypal fee. My rule of thumb is to call all that 15% of the sale price. Ebay gets 20% if you pay listing fees or for other listing extras.

Weigh the item and plan to add on at least 10% weight for packaging unless it's something you could send in just a tough shopping or bin bag, or it's particularly fragile to pack.

Items under 750g can usually go for £2.20 Royal Mail second class.

750-999g, best price is usually Royal Mail 2nd class at £3.50.

1-5kg best price is usually Collect Plus at £4.99, look at their website for strict rules, though, about sizing and packaging. Might even manage to send for a mere £3.99.

1-2 kg next best price (assuming item is too awkward for CollectPlus network) is usually Royal Mail at £5.30. But if you live near a myHermes shop they can undercut that.

Above 5kg your best bet is to use the courier web sites to get quotes for mainland delivery. These prices are not fixed long term, so I would add on £1-£1.50 in case the deal isn't available when you actually need to book. Ebay allows you to add on a modest handling fee to postage. Make it clear in the listing that the courier price is only for mainland UK delivery and price will cost more to other places.

Footface Sun 27-Jan-13 13:05:24

I made a loss a few times now on low cost items where I've set the postage too low, you just have to suck it up. I'm really careful, but the problem is peopke won't buy your stuff if the postage is too high. Sometimes you can't win

Littlemissexpecting Sat 26-Jan-13 23:23:42

Look out for their free posting weekends where it costs nothing to add items. You still need to pay commission fees etc but one less cost to worry about

KD0706 Sat 26-Jan-13 23:14:51

Thanks v much footface. I've seen threads on here of people not asking for enough postage and sometimes even ending up making a loss on sold items

Footface Sat 26-Jan-13 22:14:04

Footface Sat 26-Jan-13 22:13:27

Postage always gets me, weight everything ideally with the packaging, then I use this

It's not working today as site bring updated.

You can add a bit maybe 20p or so to cover packaging but if its too much people won't bid.

KD0706 Sat 26-Jan-13 20:40:42

We are doing a clear out and I'm hoping to eBay some stuff.

How do I work out postage on larger items?

And can somebody give me a bit of guidance on how much it costs - up front fee to eBay, fees to PayPal, fee to eBay based on how much you sell for?


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