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Do business sellers have to accept returns?

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Annianni Wed 23-Jan-13 07:24:56

I've seen something for sale by a business seller but they state no returns.

Am I right in thinking that they can't do that because of distance selling?


fergoose Wed 23-Jan-13 08:35:38

everybody does tbh - any buyer can open a dispute and return for a refund

sarahtigh Wed 23-Jan-13 16:00:10

you do not have to accept returns unless faulty for, perishables, tickets with expiry dates (so would be unuseable if returned) personalised or made to measure items items ( ie mug with annianni on or trousers with hems adjusted), for almost everything else you can return to a business seller within 7 days

what ebay do not make clear is that all the above only applies to buy it now, if a business seller sells in auction format they do not have to accept change of mind returns as distance selling regulations do not apply to auctions ( as legally these are classed as second hand even if new with tags they still have to be as described though)

however whether it is a private or business seller if it is not as described you can return for refund but no-one has to refund your return postage, if faulty they should, but they do not have to, it is also legal to deduct a reasonable restocking fee for no fault returns

also it is pointless private sellers saying no returns as everyone has to for faulty, or mis-described goods

another common trick especially by private sellers is saying they are not responsible for loss or breakages in post, they just are, and they have to claim from Royal Mail not you so no woolly words about foprwarding certificate of posting

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