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Why are my items not showing up in a search?

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TheDetective Sun 20-Jan-13 14:48:42

I have items ending today. I thought I would just run a search to see what they are up against so to speak in the other similar things listed.

They are all from the same shop, and the same size. They are titled as Next up to 1 month followed by whatever the item is - babygrow, t shirt etc.

I put Next up to 1 month in the search bar - and all my items came up, except for the 2 sets of babygrows I am selling confused. Why would the outfits show, but not the babygrows. They should show in the search of Next up to 1 month. I added babygrow to the search and then they showed. But I am annoyed that they aren't showing in the general search - they should do!

Where am I going wrong and can I complain to eBay!!. Luckily they have been found as they have bids on them, but still....!!

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