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too risky?

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pamplem0usse Fri 18-Jan-13 08:38:40

In the past week four of my auctions have ended.
1. Is a buyer with no feedback who hasn't paid or made any contact after 72 hours.
2. Claims a virtually unbreakable item was broken. I said return for refund. She says she won't return as she has to pay upfront for postage (even though I've said I'll reimburse her).
3. One claims item hasn't arrived. But identical item is now for sale on his ebay.
Now I have all relevant postage proofs etc.. so I won't be out of pocket but the hassle value is huge.
I have more items to sell but my four.month old baby is in and out of hospital and not sure i can cope with the stress.
Just a rant really but is anyone having similar experiences?

fergoose Fri 18-Jan-13 09:28:45

first one just open an unpaid case on day 4, second no return no refund and third tell the buyer you will go to the police.

And in future send stuff out with a signature.

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