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Should I accept this?

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ToysRLuv Thu 17-Jan-13 14:13:34

Thanks for your response!

Yes, this is a case I opened with e-bay yesterday after the seller failed to respond to my message about the broken item. And the aforementioned (partial refund) was the official response of the seller sent to me today via e-bay case handling.

I thought it was outrageous as well, so will refuse to pay ANYTHING. Just wanted to check before sending reply.. Never had to open a case before.

PeachActiviaMinge Thu 17-Jan-13 13:20:14

No you shouldn't if it goes through ebay then they will refund you all the costs. I don't see why you should pay out for postage on a broken item it'll at least hopefully make the seller think twice about their packaging and who's to say the player wasn't broken prior to postage.

ToysRLuv Thu 17-Jan-13 13:05:40

This is following the case I opened with the sender of the poorly packaged, broken CD player..

Her response is to offer a partial refund. The cost of the CD player (20 pounds), but not the postage(5 pounds), as "this is a cost that we incurred". Should I accept this?

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