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I think I've got a fake item!

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impty Sun 06-Jan-13 09:47:37

Dd2 broke her ds lite console just before Christmas. She decided to use her Christmas money to but a new one. Her budget stretched to a used one on eBay. We bid on a few, won one and it arrived yesterday. But it didn't seem quite right. The charger was not a real one, neither was the stylus... Well ok. The charger has no British safety standard on it so will not use. But the top half is kind of curved, doesn't fit the bottom quite right. There's no serial number, the screws that fix it together are wrong etc etc. I don't really know but it doesn't seem like a 'real' ds. It plays games though.

So I have said all the above (and more but didn't want to go on to much on here) about the console. Which, until I checked it out I didn't realise could be faked! Plus it's really well done, it's only on close inspection you notice these things!! I have said I would like to return and get my money back. No answer from seller (yet).

If I get no joy do I just open an item not as described case? I'm worried that I will have to prove its a fake.... Don't know where I would start with that! It is also possible that the seller doesn't realise it's a fake themselves....

To be fair I don't 'know' it's just probable from what I've looked up online. What a mess....

fergoose Sun 06-Jan-13 13:37:21

yes just open a not as described case and return when ebay tell you to.

impty Sun 06-Jan-13 13:39:23

thanks fergoose

queenebay Tue 08-Jan-13 18:17:18

I'm sure if its a fake you don't need to return for a refund. They might ask you to get it checked at a legit shop.

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