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Local buyer asked for my address, then stopped responding to messages. WWYD?

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pinkgirlythoughts Fri 04-Jan-13 18:46:29

Sold two items to the same buyer on December 18th. By Dec 23rd, she still hadn't paid, or contacted me at all, so I sent an invoice, then noticed that she lives in the same town as me, so sent her a message asking if she would prefer to collect in person. On Christmas Eve, she replied to say that she would, and when would be good to collect? I told her that it would be best to wait until after the Christmas period, gave her my address, then heard nothing else. On Sunday, I messaged her again to see when she wanted to collect, and still haven't heard back. The items are still unpaid for.
Should I open an unpaid item case?

fergoose Fri 04-Jan-13 19:33:15

open an unpaid item dispute for each item - and if they pay it has to be cash, never paypal if they are collecting.

Havingkitties Fri 04-Jan-13 20:04:37

I've started to hold out giving my address to pickup people till they have agreed a time to come and collect. Every time I give it before, then they seem to assume radio silence for a few days or think they can just pitch up when they like.

Anyhow, if you file a case like fergoose says, I'm sure they will get the willies and respond.

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