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Buyer wants money back

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DillyDallyDayDream Sun 30-Dec-12 13:22:55

Sold a pushchair few days ago - cash on collection

The buyer messaged me today asking for a refund but to keep item as the pushchair isnt what they wanted. They are claiming a broken wheel and dents in handle. Neither were like that when I sold.

What should I do?

WeAreEternal Wed 02-Jan-13 20:05:11

Last year I sold a quinny on eBay to a COC buyer.
Three days later they emailed me to say that their DC didn’t like the pushchair and wouldn’t sit in it so they wanted to return it.
I said I would refund if they wanted to return it. Then they told me that they wanted me to come and collect it, as that was “only fair since they had to come to my house to get it in the first place”
I said that I couldn’t do that and I would be happy to refund if they wanted to bring it back.

The next day I was shopping and saw them in a shop, with their child in the pushchair
I was surprised but assumed they had convinced their DC to go in the PC.

Then that night I received a reply saying they would be returning the PC the next day I tried to reply telling them not to come, but they didn’t reply.
They turned up at my house with the PC, I told them that I had changed my mind and was not willing to accept a return after seeing them using the PC, they then told me that the PC is unusable as the wheels are wobbly and it is dirty.
I had steam cleaned the entire PC before selling so I knew that it wasn’t dirty, but they unfolded it to show me that the seat and hood were covered in food crumbs and spillage marks.
I had pictures showing the condition of the PC when I sold it so refused to accept dirt that they had clearly caused in less than a week.

In the end I ended up having to close the door on them as they wouldn’t stop trying to arguing with me, they threatened me with all sorts but thankfully the police were very helpful and eBay warned the buyers to leave me alone.

The went on to resell the PC for £40 less than they paid for it and were apparently very rude to the buyer about the low sale price.

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