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packaging for clothes

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sarahtigh Sat 29-Dec-12 10:08:57

I second everything BIKERUNSKI says only do not list anything at 99p if you would be unhappy to only get 99p, there is a free listing weekend at least once a month and it only costs 15p to list at £1-4.99

I have found that any night except fridays and saturdays is fine,

in baby section you only get 1 photo free so make sure it shows whole item and is in focus and not too dark, most items work best on white background, use a sheet, if white place on contrast colour but not too dark as will lose detail say mid blue rather than navy, black or dark red

in childrens clothes all photos are free

do not offer 1st class unless you can post within 24 hours, generally most people expect postage within a couple of days, it is not good to end items on sunday if you only post fridays

oh and do not take paypal if person collects only cash

BikeRunSki Fri 28-Dec-12 10:26:38

What sex is your 19 month old? I could be interested in what you have for sale if it is girl's stuff.

BikeRunSki Thu 27-Dec-12 06:49:34

I buy and sell children's clothes on eBay all the time. I post them in plastic mailing bags and send them by second class post ( or Airmail obviously). Up to 750g costs £2.20 and I charge another 10p to cover the cost of the mailing bags. 750g is a lot of baby clothes, so I tend to sell things in small bundles (3 long sleeved tops, 2 pairs of shorts, 4 sleepsuits) or outfits (dress, cardy and tights). Apart from outfits, I tend to find that bundles of mixed tops and bottoms don't sell well ( I think because sometimes babies are a different size on top to bottom).

I get the mailing bags from eBay, and usually buy a pack of about 30 in assorted sizes. It is much easier and quicker to use these than it is to wrap lots of parcels.

If you are careful, small items like T shirts, swimming trunks etc can be folded flat into an A4 or A5 envelope and go for £1 (A4 a bit cheaper), but there are thickness limits and you need to make sure the item doesn't slump in the envelope and make it too thick anywhere, even if it is thin enough when laid flat.

I find that if you are selling small, relatively low value items then people don't really want to pay another £1 for recorded delivery. Large, high value items (coats, well known sought after brands) it is worth getting recorded delivery, but remember ordinary post is insured up to £50.

I have found a lot of success just listing everything for 99p (free) and seeing what happens. Best thing is to have it finishing at 8-10pm on a Sunday night. And make sure you put the make in the listing title - I search particular brands because I know what fits my lanky son and roundier DD eg: " 12-18 months, Next boy's red winter coat" gives a lot more information quickly rather than "Winter Coat", even if you put the other info in the item specifics. Just gives another way of searching foe people with a smart phone in one hand and baby in the other (your main audience!).

Alamaya Thu 27-Dec-12 05:56:15

hi all

with an 19mo and a 7wo i am to be selling loads of clothes over the next few years.

Anyone know the cheapest but secure way to post clothes and where to get the packaging from?


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