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How do I cancel transaction - buyer paid

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Busyoldfool Wed 26-Dec-12 22:46:23

Hi, appreciate some advice as have a bad feeling about this.

Am a new seller. Sold a heavy item, cash on collection, last week. Read feedback on winning bidder - a lot of "time waster" and "non-collection" type fbk but anyway I contacted him re pick up. Five days later no reply so I opened an unpaid case as wasn't sure how to de-list item otherwise.

He immediately paid by PayPal, which I didn't want, but still no contact. Suspect he was deflecting the "unpaid" case and knew he'd get a full refund sooner or later.

I rang ebay who said I should get in touch with him again and give him 24 hours to collect. He messaged that he would collect tomorrow but has not replied to my questions about timing. This is important as I have to go out and also as having kitchen renovated need to move the item to a temporary storage if not collected by 9am.

So what should I do? How do i refund through Paypal? How do I cancel transaction? or should I do nothing?

fergoose Wed 26-Dec-12 23:02:50

refund the paypal by logging in and clicking on the payment at - you should only accept cash, never paypal for collected

if he doesn't collect you need to send a cancellation request to him

Busyoldfool Wed 26-Dec-12 23:05:38

I have seen your posts before and listed it as COC but the first I knew of the PayPal payment was an e-mail from them saying that a payment had been credited.

I'll try to do the refund but couldn't see how to do it on the site earlier. Does he have to agree to the refund?

IDontDoIroning Wed 26-Dec-12 23:12:53

Don't do collection only items by PayPal.

This is because you must have track able delivery details to meet payapl t&c and if you don't they can collect the item and the do an item not received claim. PayPal will automatically refund as you won't have the proof of despatch and you will be left without your item and your money. It's a well known scam.

Refund the payment. Log into your PayPal account and do a search in the help section - if I can do it you can.

Message them to say its payment cash on collection.

Busyoldfool Thu 27-Dec-12 00:07:22

I did but the PayPal thing credited without my knowledge - that's why I suspect this guy. No communication until I opened the case.

Thanks for encouragement ironing - I'll try again. I have seen the "how to refund" info on paypal but every time I select the refund button it says there are no transactions

Busyoldfool Thu 27-Dec-12 16:36:24

Thanks guys. The buyer never came in spite of being given a time window and collection point. I managed to refund, and explained to ebay who said they would refund fees. They said the buyer might try to open an "item not delivered" case but that I shouldn't worry.

It was only my third sale! It was very reassuring to be able to come on here though. Thx

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