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Those who claim items not received

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tazmo Fri 21-Dec-12 21:55:50

Really weird - after posting this, had another ebayer contact me to say a certain buyer (cherlcoleno1 fan) did the same to them. They bid £18.67 on a Braun thermometer, had to raise a case to get them to pay,paid promptly but said they never received the item. This ebayer also said this happened exactly to them and they saw my feedback and did I rAise a case with eBay the item was not received. Not sure what I can so this doesn't happen to anyone else or whether eBay can investigate. This person has had feedback deleted by eBay. I can only assume cos she shafted loads of others. Know it can be pennies, but people on the breadline sell things in good faith and if they have to refund £20, it can be devastating. So,beware of this buyer/ seller. Any suggestions of having this person investigated by eBay.if not , I will be raising a thread - hall of shame. Unfortunately, want it to be for those buyers/seller where their credentials are clearly suss and not for minor disputes. Oh well......

daisydoodoo Fri 21-Dec-12 16:27:22

Only time something didn't arrive was 3 pairs of jeans at 99p each. The seller got really nasty too. Even though only about ten quid all in with post. Why should I be out of pocket when it doesn't arrive?

If the seller has posted it they can claim from royal mail, I can't.

lljkk Fri 21-Dec-12 16:21:19

hahaha, only the expensive items? Really? You don't say? Gee, I never noticed (insert ironic smiley here).

I paid £1.50 for something that never arrived. Only time I've ever raised a case with Ebay for non deliver. There were about 15 feedback entries to say seller had done same to other people (not delivered). Dunno what that was about. Maybe post office has some greedy gremlins?

tazmo Thu 20-Dec-12 23:54:46

Hi this does not happen to me often but when it does, it seems to be for more expensive items. I wonder if there should be an eBay hall of shame??? I had one person say they never received an item (after I raised a case against them for not paying). They bid for £19 for a Braun thermometer yet all other items I sent seemed to get where they needed to go. Refunded the item but noted they had fairly positive feedback but eBay had deleted about 8 or so bits of feedback which seemed Suss to me!!!!!!!!!!!! Why does eBay delete such feedback?

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