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Dodgy buyer - likely scammer - has paid - but can I just refund and find someone kosher?

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dotnet Mon 17-Dec-12 13:28:23

It seems likely I have a wide boy on my hands. He made the winning bid, paid, and then asked me to post the picture he wanted to him in CYPRUS minus glass and frame.

The given ebay address was in London. I told him I would only post to the London address (I'd stipulated no overseas postings anyway).

He got back to me and said, OK - post to London.

I did so and because I thought he was suspect, paid an extra £3 to make it trackable. I notified him within 24 hours that it was on its way first class so he'd receive it very shortly.

After about 8 days I messaged him again telling him to pick his parcel up from his local parcel office, probably Streatham.

And five or so days later I messaged him again saying he was running out of time and the parcel would shortly come back to me if he didn't pick up.

Then I got a message from him saying his brother had had a stroke and could I send the parcel when I got it back, on to him in Cyprus?

I've said, by the time it comes back to me I'm guessing he may well be back in London at the address registered with ebay; I'd contact him again in due course and, hopefully, re-post it there securely.

Actually I'm fed up with the whole thing and think this man wants to claim non-delivery and trouser the £40 Royal Mail may be fleeced into parting with.

Can I refund him and readvertise ? - even if I lose my final value fee I don't really mind. I just want to find a normal buyer and deprive this b******d of the satisfaction of perpetrating a nasty little con trick.

supadupapupascupa Mon 17-Dec-12 13:30:19

i would on the basis of non collection and return

fergoose Mon 17-Dec-12 13:35:13

yes, refund but only after it has been returned to you, send him cancellation request to get your fees back, add him to blocked bidder list then relist

if he ignores the cancellation request you will get your fees back so is worth sending it to him

SledsImOn Mon 17-Dec-12 13:38:27

I can't see why you're totally convinced it's a con - sorry, I am probably missing something but it could be genuine.

I'd go on that basis while protecting your interests - and yes if you prefer to relist it then I'd suggest that to him and see if he is willing to cancel, and see what happens.

It may not be returned to you in any case so don't do anything yet. Good luck.

dotnet Mon 17-Dec-12 13:39:49

Thankyou thank you! If I get stuck on how to do this - but hopefully I shan't - I'll pick your brains again. I do appreciate your help.

fergoose Mon 17-Dec-12 13:43:18

you are quite right to only send to the address in paypal - if you send to an alternate address you lose all seller protection

If you are selling again with glass in a frame you may need to do collection only with cash - or send via courier with adequate insurance against breakages.

dotnet Mon 17-Dec-12 13:44:45

I don't feel he's genuine because of his poor communication with me, his odd request that I take the pic out of its frame and glass and post to the 'wrong' address, and the fact that his name is not the same as the name which appeared as that of the buyer - the buyer should have been a woman. It also took ages before he said to me his brother had had a stroke - he should have been able to take delivery of the parcel a day or two after I posted it. I think he'd hoped I'd send it non trackable (in the ad I'd indicated I'd just send it second class).

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