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Everybody wants to BIN!

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bigbadbarry Wed 12-Dec-12 20:33:54

I listed 6 items on Saturday - I posted a thread earlier in the week debating whether to accept a BIN price on one of the items (and decided not to, as somebody else had already started to bid). Since then i have received 4 messages asking for BIN prices for the other items! I have stuck to my policy of refusing if somebody has already bid, but is this just normal practice now? I would wonder if it was people wanting the items in a hurry before Christmas but given that it is things like taps I don't think it can be that. Has anybody got any insight to offer?

bigbadbarry Thu 13-Dec-12 16:14:22

Blimey, if you want the item enough to do that you are welcome to it wink

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