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Buyer hasnt paid if i open a case am i risking neg feedback ?

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fergoose Thu 06-Dec-12 14:50:34

they haven't paid you anything and you have already sent it?

Yes - open a case, once closed they can't leave you feedback anyway. And never post anything again until you are paid in full.

fakeblondie Thu 06-Dec-12 14:16:55

ive been really silly and sent an item to Russia in good faith that i`d get paid. Because i was little late sending an invoice i didnt want to risk a negative feedbackso sent it in good faith and said not to worry about the extra postage just pay the uk price. The buyer now hasnt paid despite 2 reminders. If i go to the resolution centre and open a case does that mean i risk neg feedback or does this prevent her fromleaving any feedback ? I`m confused . TIA

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