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Shit. Sold something on ebay and it has stopped working!

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AngryFeet Wed 05-Dec-12 18:54:22

I sold my DDs leappad on ebay with some games and lots of apps. Just gone to put it in the post and it won't turn on anymore. What do I do?!

AndIfATenTonTruck Wed 05-Dec-12 19:06:05

Let the buyer know you have done a last check before sending and it seems not to be working, tell them you are going to try to figure out the problem. Ask if they have a deadline they need it by (e.g. For posting to another family member as a gift) and then you will know when you need to resolve&post by. you should alert them that if it isn't likely to be fixed by then you will have to cancel the transaction and you're sorry etc but obviously they wouldn't want to receive it not working and then have to start all over again and post back to you.

I had this (well, sort of). I sold a rucksack and when packing it up realised that the plastic buckle for the waist belt was cracked. I said I was fixing it, bought three sizes of replacement buckle (also on eBay) with rush delivery, took them to the shoe mending shop for repair, and about a week-10days after close of sale I sent it. Buyer totally chilled out and content that I hadn't tried to cover up the problem - genuine positive feedback left. If he had just needed a cheap rucksack to go to a festival or something, and wasn't bothered about the broken buckle, I might have offered a couple of pounds off, but fixing it did almost completely wipe out the sale value!

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