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Nicest ebay seller I've dealt with - Postive experience

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Blending Tue 04-Dec-12 20:21:10

I have had a lovely experience on ebay, so I thought I'd share it as we only seem to hear about the problems and horror stories.

I won a bundle of Maternity clothes on ebay, and realised I had made a silly mistake as it was collection only. It was over 200 miles away.

As it was completely my fault, I paid the £11 and contacted the seller and explained in my hormone confused state I'd not realised, so to keep the money and feel free to re-list them or do as they wished.

I got a lovely reponse saying we all make geniune mistakes and she could refund and relist, or post, but it would be about £10.

It was so unexpected with all the tales you hear. I thanked her and said that would be fantastic, especially as I'm needing maternity clothes earlier this time as I'm having twins.

She posted the parcel and let me know how much it was exactly later, which was very trusting of her, so I could get them quicker.

When it arrived there was an extra 8 new born baby grows and a lovely card saying she was thrilled when she'd heard my news about the twins, and wishing me good luck!

How lovely is that! Really put a smile on my face smile

Whats been your nicest ebay experience?

TuftyFinch Tue 04-Dec-12 20:27:37

That's lovely. I have had mostly positive experiences with ebay but I do think, with most people, it's a two way street (cringe at cliche) and as you were nice and reasonable she was too - although extra nice with the added clothes.

Grumpla Tue 04-Dec-12 20:28:17

Aww that's really kind smile

I ordered a hand-turned wooden watch stand for my husband's birthday and was really upset when it didn't arrive. Seller posted out a replacement next day delivery so it would be on time. Then, almost a month later, the first one turned up! I contacted the seller to explain and paid for that one too as my husband liked the first and has two similar watches to store. Seller sent me a free hand carved box of toothpicks and a thankyou card for being so honest. Warm fuzzies all round.

juneybean Tue 04-Dec-12 20:28:49

That's so sweet! There are some nice sellers out there!

timetosmile Tue 04-Dec-12 20:34:18

I bought one of those 3ft high little tike cube/slide things for the garden form a 'collect only' about 5 miles away..we met in a local soft play car park as it was on both my and the seller's way to work.
Shook hands, jolly, chatty,nice bloke etc.
His feedback read, "great ebayer, and lovely to meet you too. Happy to do more business anytime xx" hmm

specialsubject Sun 16-Dec-12 19:33:50

two so far (also no bad ones so far):

- bought slippers which despite pre-check on size were too small, contacted seller who sent me a different pair and even though I offered said not to worry about returning first pair. Gave them to charity, they were 'as new'

- wanted two items from same seller in two listings. Won the first, outsniped for the second. Said would (of course) still buy first, seller did lots of emailing, at which point the guy who had the others said he didn't want just one. So I got second chance offer and got both thanks to her efforts.

there are nice people out there.

Lifesagame Tue 18-Dec-12 13:37:08

Sold a pram to a really lovely couple a few months before she was due. Randomly thought "I wonder what they had" one day and lo and behold 2 days later I had a message from her saying she'd had a boy (with the same name as my own son!) and they were delighted with the pram. Warm and fuzzy moment smile

Corygal Wed 19-Dec-12 21:00:13

Sold two Chloe coats - one cream, one bright yellow. Psycho Woman behind PO counter distracted me, and I sent the yellow one to the cream buyer.

Cream Buyer gamely sent yellow coat on on to yellow lady & waited for hers to arrive, charging me a scanty fiver and chasing yellow coat off her own bat for DAYS.

She emailed me saying "Is spirit of ebay for all to be frendlie." I sent her a new Chloe brooch as a thank you - she went BESERK with joy. It was so nice of her. grin

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