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What would you say to this seller?

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FudgeyCookie Tue 04-Dec-12 18:02:46

I won a men's jacket for £5, with postage stated on the listing as £3.50. I thought fair enough, and paid as soon as I won. Within 8minutes of winning the item and paying I received this message:

Hi, thankyou so much for your bid for the jacket i went to post to you and the postage is £5.50 i underestemated the weight, would you like me to refund you the money or would you be able to paypal me the £2, really really sorry for this i know its my fault and i appologise, the jacket is all wrapped ready for posting,let me know what you think.

What would you do? I don't really want to pay anymore for it but would love the jacket as it would be a Xmas present.. So WWYD?

exoticfruits Tue 11-Dec-12 22:19:04

I would think that everyone has made that mistake at some point- they just have to absorb the cost and learn from it. I once bought something that cost the person more to post than I paid in total- when I pointed it out she said that she had hoped I wouldn't notice she felt such a fool!

I don't charge postage any more because of estimating, and also the feed back- people never factor in packaging when they decide whether it is reasonable. I start it at a higher starting price to cover it and put 'post free'- no one can possibly say that it was anything other than reasonable that way! (I started doing it when EBay wouldn't let you charge the proper cost of posting a book.

alemci Tue 11-Dec-12 22:28:26

Collect plus service is good for posting books for £3.99.

It does seem that the postage drastically jumps up to £5.50 with some items.

sarahtigh Tue 11-Dec-12 22:39:24

parcels upto 2kg are actually £5.30

1, you can add to postage costs to cover packing materials ie box/bag/bubble=wrap/ packing peanuts etc ( you can not charge for petrol or parking fees)

2. if and only if you are a business can you charge for time, as a business you could charge for petrol etc, but that would make your car a business vehicle and would have to be insured as such etc) this is how inland revenue would consider it any charge for time is income and therefore declarable whether you would pay tax or not depends on the amount but it has to be declared as income

no-one can add either ebay or paypal fees to postage charge, they must be covered by purchase price so your starting price must reflect this ( ebay and paypal rules)

you can only add the exact cost of signed for or insurance to postage so if parcel costs 2.20 to post and you charge 40p for packing so total charge is 2.60
( signed for option can not be more than 3.55 ie exactly the 95p signed for costs) ( again in ebay rules)

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