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bought item not wanted anymore

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Fishlegs Tue 04-Dec-12 13:32:21

I've just bought a collection only item on ebay, it's from miles away (but the price was low due to mislisting) and I was planning to collect next week. The seller wanted paypal so I've paid. However a similar item has been listed much closer to me with a low reserve and no bids, so I may be able to get it for the same as the price I would have paid for petrol, without the hassle of the drive.
Can I tell the seller I don't want the item any more (not bothered about a refund if I can get the 2nd item for the right price)? How would that work?

trueblood1fan Wed 05-Dec-12 08:45:53

awe (((ebay hugs))) all round :-)

sarahtigh Wed 05-Dec-12 22:31:40

the seller does lose out slightly as paypal always keep the 20p transaction fee even for a full refund,

but I as seller normally agree to cancellation if buyer changes mind

but distance selling regulations only apply to BIN they do not apply to auctions, you do not have 7 days to change mind with an auction, on this front ebays rules are not really in line with legal rules,

as in most auctions even online auctions it is "buyer beware"

RooneyMara Thu 06-Dec-12 06:05:05

Yes I find ebay rules don't cut it with the legal system either

And despite it being 'buyer beware' for auctions, you've still got the ever present threat of negative feedback - I got pretty much blackmailed into giving a partial refund the other week, just to keep the peace.

Some people just don't bloody care.

lljkk Thu 06-Dec-12 10:03:34

Fishlegs If it were me I would email seller asking for cancellation and offer to let them keep part of the payment as compensation. Maybe the ££ it would have cost you in petrol to go get it. How much depends on value of item & maybe seller will be glad to relist if they think they could get a much better price.

There are lots of problems from seller's POV with cancelling. Paypal keeps 20p fee regardless (peanuts I know but worth mentioning while everyone else is nitpicking about "legal"). Seller can offer to cancel transaction only once, and if Fishlegs declines to cancel then seller is stuck with FVF even if seller never pays. Buyer can still leave negative feedback regardless of cancelled or not.

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