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Buyer not happy with item

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Dancergirl Mon 03-Dec-12 20:38:06

I sell quite a lot on Ebay and have never had a problem and have always had positive feedback.

I sold a Boden tunic. The condition was quite good apart from some bobbling and I described it as 'slight bobbling otherwise good condition'.

The seller has emailed me and she's not happy with the condition. She said there was more wear round the neck that she would have expected and this wasn't pointed out.

I told her that I did mention the bobbling and described the condition as 'good' (not very good or excellent) and I think that does imply some degree of wear. I also pointed out that it's a bit subjective and one person's description of good isn't necessarily another's. And also that I have 100% positive feedback for selling so it's not as if I mis-describe items.

I put no returns on the listing as I always do but now she's is saying either I let her return it for a refund or she will take it to the ebay reconciliation centre.

What should I do? It would be a real pain to have it returned and re-list etc. Plus I think I've been fair.

SwedishEdith Mon 03-Dec-12 20:46:41

Will be interested to see what the ebay etiquette is here. We had a very similar scenario recently and stuck to our guns - not heard again (for now...) from buyer. This 'not as described' option seems to be a convenient option for "I've changed my mind" Hard to describe something that doesn't occur to you as describable.

expatinscotland Mon 03-Dec-12 20:49:50

This is putting a lot of small sellers off Ebay.

I'd tell her to sling her hook and take it to reconciliation. If your photos were good, they're good.

fergoose Mon 03-Dec-12 21:08:25

you can't really say no returns to be honest, if you refuse the return your buyer will just open a not as described dispute where ebay will tell her to return the item and they will give her back the money. The buyer then will prob leave bad feedback and stars too. The best thing is to ask her to return and tell her you will refund without her needing to open a case. Then you can send cancellation request for your fvf then you can relist.

Dancergirl Mon 03-Dec-12 21:26:58

Why can't you say no returns fegoose? There is that option there when you list! Surely it's up to the buyer to check the seller's return policy before they bid?

fergoose Mon 03-Dec-12 21:29:43

because a buyer can just open a not as described and get their money back. The no returns option is a bit of a red herring to be frank. Means nowt.

Virgil Mon 03-Dec-12 21:31:40

You can't say no, there's no point. She will just open a dispute and they will refund her.

This is why I've stopped selling on ebay. It's not a shop ffs. People used to understand that you take a bit of a risk that you're buying something that might not be as good as you hope. Now people bid, realise they've paid a bit much or dont really like it as much as they thought and then say its not as they expected.

Dancergirl Mon 03-Dec-12 22:07:53

So if I offer her the option to return it, who pays for the return postage? And suppose the item is not in the same condition as when I sent it??

fergoose Mon 03-Dec-12 22:16:31

buyer pays to return, but if not as described you should give her return costs too, that cannot be enforced by ebay though. Why do you think it won't be in the same condition, has she had the item for a while?

Dancergirl Mon 03-Dec-12 23:46:49

The item WAS as described! I think she's trying it on. Now the latest is she didn't give me very long to respond to her email and has opened a case! So I've responded the item was as described etc.

Is it unreasonable of me to think that if you're that fussy about buying a worn item that says fabric bobbling in the description, you might ask for further details before bidding? Or only bid for stuff that says perfect condition or as new? I'm a reasonable person and would always be honest in the description.

She's now also claiming that the fabric has 'shine' to it which is rubbish.

What will happen now? Will I be sent to Ebay Prison?

fergoose Mon 03-Dec-12 23:59:33

if you do nothing buyer will escalate the case then prob send it back for a refund. If I were you I would escalate the case now, gets it over and done with then.

firefly11 Tue 04-Dec-12 11:22:45

I have had 1 buyer do that with a Boden dress I sold and I let her return it for a full refund. She did it and I refunded her. I didn't want to risk negative feedback. She then left positive feedback for me. I too, her. Everyone's happy. I've been Ebaying for over 7 years and have never received poor feedback for selling. It depends how much you are willing to do to keep your ratings blemish free.

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