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sixlostmonkeys Mon 03-Dec-12 13:25:52

Don't suppose you can offer me some advice?

I've been selling on ebay (business) for more years than I care to mention. I haven't had that many problems to be honest, but when I do I usually know the way to deal with it.

I have a problem at the moment and want to ensure I go the best way about it to cover/protect myself.

I sold an item. I received a message from the buyer giving me instructions on how to pack it - this raised my suspicions tbh. She received it and contacted me telling me it had broke in the post (she sent photos) I actually have other ideas of how it came to be broke but I didn't say anything to her just simply asked her to return it for a full refund. (I'd like it returned because I can repair it and use it myself).
She then sent another message telling me she wanted me to send her the return postage (inc £2.50 for a cardboard box) prior to her returning it - I replied politely saying I would give a full refund plus return postage upon receipt of the returned parcel.
2 days later she sent demands of payment to her before posting it which included a postage rate that doesn't even exist on Royal mail. All in all she demanded her original payment plus return costs which would give her a profit of £15! (and all before returning it!)
Her tone was quite alarming. Threats of neg feedback, reporting me to ebay paypal etc if I become difficult....and she does hope I don't make a drama out of all this!

So, I have used the new 'report a buyer' function (in case she has done this before) but I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to protect myself. No doubt she will open a dispute. Because the item is broken I anticipate ebay simply refunding her. (but i would like it back) I also anticipate a neg. Not the end of the world I know, but it will make me go "arghh"

any advice?

fergoose Mon 03-Dec-12 13:57:50

you are quite right, never give a penny until you have had the item returned - if she opens a dispute then you can escalate it yourself straight away and ask for the item to be returned. ebay will not give her back your money without her proving it has been returned to you. And if ebay give her a no fault refund without the need for a return it will be from their coffers not yours so don't worry about that.

I bet any money if you refunded her now she would never return it - and I bet if she does open a dispute she won't return it to you either. Seems like she is just wanting a wodge of money refunded and then she will keep the item?

If she leaves neg just leave really smiley response I reckon - 'I asked the buyer several times to return for a full refund but they didn't want to' - or suchlike.

She does sound like the buyer from hell so you have my sympathies. smile

sixlostmonkeys Mon 03-Dec-12 14:09:57

Thanks fergoose.

I didn't realise a no fault return comes from ebay's coffers - thanks for that.

Thanks for your sympathies smile She is a case there's no doubt. I knew from her initial message (instructions on how to pack) that she was going to be trouble. Funny how you get a feeling....

I had to laugh at her "I hope you don't make a drama out of this" - honestly, if you could see the messages to and fro - hers full of demands, instructions, orders and mine simply saying "Sorry to hear this, please return for a full refund"

I haven't replied to her latest message which contains the demand for a big chunk of profit. I expect her next message to be explosive! But really, I can't do/offer her more than I already have.

thanks again

sixlostmonkeys Wed 12-Dec-12 13:57:56

She has finally returned it. To cut a long story short it certainly looks like she has damaged it herself.

Do you think it is worth opening a case? Any idea what the procedure is for such a case? - I'm only asking because she is mad as a box of frogs and really don't want to enter into any more conversations with her.
Oh, hang on. I can't open a case can I? I can only appeal if she had opened a dispute...... (which she hasn't)

fergoose Wed 12-Dec-12 14:19:06

no you can't open a case

if she has damaged it you can ask her to pay postage and you will send it back to her as she hasn't returned it in the condition in which it was sent, but that will be like a red rag to a bull I reckon - whatever you do now you will prob get a neg

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