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Unclaimed payment help please

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clare8allthepies Sat 01-Dec-12 11:27:15

Hi, about a month ago I bought a dress from ebay, made payment straight away through paypal as usual but shown on my ebay as payment pending and in paypal as payment unclaimed. Turned out the seller had an incorrect address registered so the payment could not go through, she kept asking us to fix it though it seemed clear the issue was at her end. After about 2 weeks it was finally sorted although we ended up cancelling and resending the payment about 6 times.

Bought about 5 or 6 things since then and no issue with anything, payments went through straightaway, receipts sent from paypal.

Won a small item for DD last night, paid straightaway ( only £6 ish including postage) and the same thing has happened. Contacted seller and adv the payment is showing as unclaimed on paypal, she has asked us to send the payment to her email address by paypal but its the same as the one for the first payment.

Is there anything I can do to sort this or does it have to be her? If i send the payment via paypal (if that's possible) without going through my ebay it won't show on there that I've paid will it?

Don't want to be a cow when contacting seller, but equally don't want it to drag on like the last time! angry

fergoose Sat 01-Dec-12 11:36:10

well unclaimed is wrong email address - so sending to the wrong address again will result in another unclaimed payment

your seller needs to give you the correct address - and it is up to the seller to sort, not you.

fergoose Sat 01-Dec-12 11:36:30

or she can add the wrong email address to her paypal account and accept the payment that way.

lljkk Sat 01-Dec-12 11:47:05

I think you could successfully pay her directly thru Paypal alone (not Ebay+Paypal), but you'd lose Ebay buyer protection, so not ideal.

Then again, no buyer protection when sending a cheque or a postal order or cash in the post, and people used to buy stuff on Ebay all the time that way without undue worries.

I am wondering if you should send her a postal order, I would for a small(ish) value item.

fergoose Sat 01-Dec-12 11:51:03

you can still open not received/as described on a direct paypal payment as long as it isn't a gift payment- you are still covered.

But it is better to pay via ebay then it ties in with the listing, marked as paid.

clare8allthepies Sat 01-Dec-12 12:58:10

well she said she'd got it sorted and asked if we could cancel and resend the payment. I have done but it's still showing as payment pending. Just had a message from her through ebay saying that she'd received the payment.
Will give it a while and if it's still showing as unclaimed/payment pending will contact ebay myself I suppose.

Thanks for all your advice x

fergoose Sat 01-Dec-12 13:07:38

well if she doesn't claim it after 30 days it will automatically return to you if unclaimed

I guess she doesn't understand the error?

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