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Whats this new "report a buyer" thing...

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RooneyMara Sat 01-Dec-12 18:42:45

I doubt you can report her for this, sorry.

But I am glad if there is something to use for buyer situations.

The thing is with blocking bidders and so on, you can't do it till you've already experienced their crapness. By which time it's normally too late.

CatsRule Sat 01-Dec-12 18:42:16

great...not greay!

My typing is getting worse! blush

CatsRule Sat 01-Dec-12 18:41:24

things...not thinks!

CatsRule Sat 01-Dec-12 18:40:28

I don't know sorry but just wanted to agree that some people have such a cheek! I've only sold twice on ebay, both recently, first didn't pay and the second looks like it will turn out the same! I never buy things without paying immediately.

I have been told by ebay help that I can block buyers who have non payment reports against them and chose other options to eliminate people who aren't great ebayers. You do this is the account section under preferences.

Maybe if you report a buyer it will work similarly, that they could be stopped from bidding on thinks that specify only people who pay etc?

Ebay is greay...when people are decent and genuine!

Wheresmygalaxy Fri 30-Nov-12 22:49:50

Dont tell me they have finally stood up a little for sellers and at long last we can now report bad buyers. I have had 1 in the past month, she won a packet of baby vests, didnt pay for nearly 2 weeks, i wasnt that bothered they only went for a couple of pounds, but i did end up emailing just to check she didnt want them so i could relist. she told me payment would be made the next day.

She paid on a wednesday (remember 2 weeks late), the thursday morning i recieved an email askig when they would be sent out hmm, told her i would post the the friday morning, she was fine with this.

she recieved them saturday morning, left me a positive but said took a while to post these out. she took 2 bleedin weeks to cough up £3 !!!

Is this the type of daft buyer i could report and have this removed, what happens exactly when i click on report a buyer??

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